Wedding Feature on Aisle Planner

It’s been over a year, but our wedding was featured on Aisle Planner!  Check out our “DIY Destination Style” wedding here.  It’s such a nice reminder of our wedding and spending time with the best friends and family :)

Here’s a round up of my DIY tutorials for our wedding:

DIY Polaroid Place Cards

Destination Wedding Welcome Booklets: What to Include

Our Out of Town Welcome Booklets

Furoshiki Welcome Bags

Kids at Weddings Checklist

DIY Welcome Drinks

Wedding Cake Centerpieces


Kawagoe: Penny Candy Alley

Traditional Candy Shop at Kawagoe Penny Candy Alley (Kashiya Yokocho)

One of my favorite parts of Kawagoe was Penny Candy Alley (Kashiya Yokocho) that’s made of small alleyways, old merchant candy shops, and tons of traditional candy and snacks.  It has such a great nostalgic feel that makes everyone reminisce about a simpler time.  Even my husband ran around like a kid in a candy shop, and with big eyes, he asked me for 100 yen ($1)! Continue reading

Mini Pies: 3 Ways to Entertain

Mini Pie Messages Place Cards

I’ve been in a pie phase since I discovered how to make the most perfect flaky, chewy pie crust here.  I just can’t stop making pies.  So I combined this love with my love of all things mini and made these adorable letter-pressed mini pies that are perfect for entertaining!  There are so many ways to use these mini pies – here are my 3 favorites.

1. Presented on a simple table runner with autumn fruit, it makes a great texture addition to a rustic, casual tablescape.

2. Use these pies as place cards – just press your guests names’ on them and you’ve got dessert and a cute addition to your place setting in one!

3. Presented simply, they’re a great addition to a dessert bar or wrap a little twine and add a utensil, and it’s the perfect dessert to go!  Or cute homemade Christmas gifts?

Apologies for the lack of posts recently – my computer is still at the shop for a makeover.  Hope you’re all keeping warm!

Bookplate (Ex Libris Label): Free Printable

My peppy friend Zhing at Little Projects in Style recently gave birth to the most adorable baby boy.  For her baby shower, in lieu of gifts, she requested that everyone bring one of their favorite childhood books.  Book parties are such a cute idea that can be tailored to birthdays, summer reading, Christmas, wedding, cooking, or like Zhing – a baby shower!

Blue Plaid Bookplate Ex Libris Label by oh my omiyage

She asked me to design a bookplate that would double as a gift label so she could see everyone’s well wishes every time she reads a bedtime story to her new bebe.  Matching with her gray and yellow room theme and her love of the chevron print, I came up with these:

Chevron Print Bookplate Ex Libris Label by oh my omiyage

Chevron Print Bookplate Ex Libris Label by oh my omiyage

If you’d like to use bookplates for your own party or library or gift, I tweaked Zhing’s version with a plaid background in 3 colors – blue, pink, and yellow.  For me, plaid always reminds me of cozy autumns and winters, but in these colors, it’s such a timeless pattern!  Download them above at Scribd and enjoy!  I’d love to hear or see how you use it :)

Yellow Plaid Bookplate Ex Libris Label by oh my omiyage

Wedding Welcome Drinks

Wedding Welcome Drinks - Lemonade in Mason Jars with Paper Straws and Heart Tags

Our wedding was a little ways away from where most of our guests were staying so upon arrival at the venue, we prepared a welcome table with lemonades to quench their thirst on the hot, Hawaiian day.  The drinks doubled as escort cards too! I love 2-in-1 projects :)

Wedding Welcome Drinks - Lemonade in Mason Jars with Paper Straws and Heart Tags

Keeping with the personal feel of the wedding, all of the escort ‘hearts’ were handwritten.

Wedding Welcome Drinks - Lemonade in Mason Jars with Paper Straws and Heart Tags

We were able to borrow the mason jars from our caterer.  But if yours doesn’t, there’s so many fun things that you can do with mason jars – including favors for the guests!  A 3-in-1 project? Even better!

Thank You Gift Tag Freebie

photo via

Happy July 4th!  Since the holiday falls in the middle of the week, I hope that you had some time to BBQ and grab a beer last weekend.  We celebrated last weekend with a small home, Japanese-style BBQ and a baseball game!  In case you went to a friend’s place for the holiday, here are some tags for you to decorate your ‘thank you’ gift!  I designed them for our rice crispy treat favors here.  There’s two sizes – a smaller one for small treats or favors like our rice crispies, and a larger one with more personal gifts.  Enjoy!

Ombre Rice Crispy Treats

Blue Ombre Rice Crispy Treats from

Thank you gift tag with blue ombre rice crispy treats

Everyone loves treats into the office, and Japan is no exception!  Whenever you travel, go to a special event, go on vacation, or leave your job or department, people bring omiyage back for their fellow coworkers.  When I heard from my friend Zhing over at little projects in style that her husband had to bring omiyage into the office but wasn’t sure what to give, I instantly thought – rice crispy treats!  But of course I couldn’t stop there.  I added a bit of ombre coloring and a cute little gift tag to make them really one of a kind.  On cooking day, we ran out of time, so we decided to mix in a few plain rice crispies with this adorable striped wax paper.

I kept the gift tag relatively simple and professional, although I printed it on blue polka dot card stock so the back of the gift tags had a pop of happy color and design.  I really struggled with adding in the “regards” – it sounds so impersonal, but it’s for the office, and since the gift was supposed to be coming from Daniel (who is a guy after all!), I figured to roll with the punches.  Come back later this week for this gift tag freebie!

Thank you rice crispy treats wrapped in wax paper by

Photography courtesy of Daniel & the actual wrapping and tying the treats by Zhing, both from little projects in style.