Hoshinoya Taketomi Hotel

Planning to escape to Taketomi?  If you’re ready to splurge, Hoshinoya is the hotel for you.  Being a historical island with very little development, this is a place for star gazers. Continue reading


Taketomi Island Beaches

kondoi beach taketomi island okinawa by ohmyomiyage

It’s surprising that Taketomi is so low key.  With beaches like this, I’d expect more of a Waikiki situation, but that’s not the case at all.  There are no beach hawkers or over priced vendors.  In fact, you won’t even find a vending machine.  It’s as if you’ve discovered a pristine paradise that no one knows about yet.  Just park your bike rental and enjoy. Continue reading

Taketomi Island, Okinawa

shisa stone figures in taketomi island, okinawa by oh my omiyage

Ishigaki is a great island to use as a hub for exploring many of the Yaeyama Islands including Yonaguni, Iriomote, Kohama, Hateruma, and Taketomi.  All of these islands are connected by a high speed ferry, which runs from early morning to early evening.  You can also stay overnight at most of these islands.  Taketomi is a small island just a 10 minute ride from Ishigaki, and in that 10 minutes, you travel back through time a few hundred years. Continue reading

Mirumiru Gelato Shop : Ishigaki

MiruMiru Gelato Shop Ishigaki Okinawa いもり牧場の自家製ジェラート ミルミル by Oh My Omiyage

Many places on Ishigaki have a laid-back island feel that’s just so darn relaxing and cute.  It’s surprisingly under-developed, which makes you feel like you’re in the country – a countryside with an ocean view.  One of my favorite spots that epitomizes this atmosphere is a little gelato shop MiruMiru.  We went every day! Continue reading

Mt.Fuji :: Fuji-san

Mt.Fuji Aerial View by ohmyomiyage.wordpress.com

Hi all!  How’s winter been treating you?  I’ve been hibernating so I’m ready for spring to arrive!  Unfortunately, the weather doesn’t follow my whims so it’ll be another month of chills before it starts to warm up here in Tokyo.

To get my feet wet with blogging again, I thought I’d post something very Japan: Mt.Fuji!  Or as locals call it, Fuji-san. Besides sightseeing, my favorite thing to do around Mt.Fuji is to eat houtou!  It’s famous because of its symmetrical shape and is still an active volcano.  Some scientists predict that it’ll erupt in 2015.  This photo was taken on my flight from Tokyo to Okinawa (posts coming soon!).

Have you seen or climbed Mt.Fuji?  Do you have any favorite mountains in your area?

Koyo: Autumn Leaves in Japan

Koyo Red Autumn Leaves in Nagano, Japan

Koyo Red Autumn Leaves in Nagano, Japan

Just like cherry blossoms in the spring, people take autumn leaves VERY seriously in Japan.  And how could you not?  Leaves change to such a deep but bright burgundy that completely transforms the scenery of Japan into a rich, fall wonderland.  Haha Do I sound a little over dramatic?  Maybe you have to visit to understand.  (You still have time – the leaves will stay until around mid-December, and they’re especially beautiful in Kyoto.) Continue reading