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Lately, my life has been filled with cooking, learning new crafts, and planning a party for this weekend! :)  Here’s some snapshots from this month:

Tokyohamster Instagram snapshots of Tokyo

  1. Homemade BBQ Sauce for Valentine’s Day Gifts
  2. I came across this adorable book on kuttari that I couldn’t put down!
  3. A new ramen shop opened by my place
  4. Peach blossoms are in season and on sale – perfect for the upcoming Girl’s Day on March 3rd.
  5. Beautiful saucers from Kappabashi – I wish I could take them all home!
  6. I found a little smiley face on my wine glass.  I love this idea for casual place cards.

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Ombre & Dipped Pumpkins

Happy Halloween: Ombre & Dipped Painted Pumpkins by oh my omiyage

How did you decorate your pumpkins this Halloween?  I didn’t have time to duplicate the chevron look because of a last minute Halloween party I put together (more on that tomorrow!) so I went with my second love – ombre and polka dots!

Ombre & Dipped Pumpkins by oh my omiyage

Trick or treating hasn’t made it to Tokyo (although I’ve seen it in a few small neighborhoods), but Roppongi was filled with costumed club goers last weekend.  The costumes were so amazing – elaborate Darth Vaders, a whole group dressed in Kusama Yayoi costumes, and tons of Power Rangers!  But of course, I forgot my camera.

Polka Dot & Dressed Up Pumpkins by oh my omiyage

Today, I’ll be making candy for the first time in Halloween’s honor, but besides the inevitable sighs of exasperation from my kitchen, Halloween will be quiet and peaceful!

Ombre & Dipped Painted Pumpkins by oh my omiyage

How are you celebrating Halloween this year?  Did you dress up?

Eye Chart Wall Art

Gray and Yellow Eye Chart Wall Art for a Baby Room by ohmyomiyage

What do you get for a friend who is moving, doesn’t like receiving gifts, is expecting a new family addition but doesn’t want baby gifts, can’t bring food or any typical Tokyo omiyage, wouldn’t want anything too sentimental, whose husband doesn’t want to add clutter, and doesn’t know what their new place will look like, but has impeccable taste and style?

Our friends moved from Tokyo this week, and I wanted to give them a little something to remember us by that fulfilled all that criteria!  I was inspired by this post to make an eye chart wall art.  I thought it would be easy peasy with this Eye Chart Maker, but no matter what I put in the website, the end result just didn’t cut it.  I decided to start from scratch, which gave me more flexibility to add images, colors, and little phrases from our Tokyo memories together.  They’ve been planning to decorate their new baby room in gray and yellow so I matched the wall art accordingly although it’s technically a gift for their new house, not their expected baby!  (Although the message is intended from the parents to the baby to come.  If any of you thought the message was a bit too sentimental to be from friends :P)

Gray and Yellow Eye Chart Wall Art by ohmyomiyage

I planned to gift this in a simple and modern white shadow box, but I was surprised to find that simple, nice frames are hard to come by in Tokyo!  They have a few elaborate ones at lifestyle stores (with fur, large frame to photo ratio, mirrored, etc), and a LOT of ugly ones – cheap thin plastic, weirdly colorful, and really gaudy.  Even nice stationery stores lacked a nice and simple selection.  And don’t get me started on the horrendous wedding frames.  If anyone knows where to buy nice frames in Tokyo, I’d love your advice!

Thank You Gift Tag Freebie

photo via

Happy July 4th!  Since the holiday falls in the middle of the week, I hope that you had some time to BBQ and grab a beer last weekend.  We celebrated last weekend with a small home, Japanese-style BBQ and a baseball game!  In case you went to a friend’s place for the holiday, here are some tags for you to decorate your ‘thank you’ gift!  I designed them for our rice crispy treat favors here.  There’s two sizes – a smaller one for small treats or favors like our rice crispies, and a larger one with more personal gifts.  Enjoy!

The Happiness Advantage

The Happiness Advantage Inspirational Poster by Oh My Omiyage. Inspired by Shawn Achor's speech on  Find it at

Every now and then, I get hooked on and will watch it for hours!  This morning, I came across this funny and optimistic video of Shawn Achor, who is the CEO of a consulting firm that specializes in creating happier, more productive, and more successful organizations.  Apparently, our brains have been programmed all wrong, and if we just follow a simple 2-minute exercise everyday for 21 days straight, we’ll all be happy, smiling people.  And by being happier, we’ll all be smarter, more productive, and more creative!!

Watching this video inspired me to make this print!  I’m going to print it out and post it next to my bed to remind me every morning.  Download it here to follow it with me for the next 21 days!

Day 1
Today, I’m grateful for:

  1. Ombre everything & the person who discovered it creates pretty baked goods.
  2. Blue skies and a happy, sunny day.
  3. Being able to live in an apartment with tons of windows and a view of the blue skies not blocked by other buildings!

Positive Experience of the Day:
The hubby stopped by the house when he was on lunch break just to say hello!

Random Act of Kindness:
Creating and sharing the print & hopefully inspiring you all to be happy too!

Wedding Cake Centerpieces

For my wedding, I always dreamed of being surrounded by beautiful, extravagant floral decorations – cascading flowers everywhere!  But since we had a destination wedding, my dream turned into a nightmare where my guests and I wouldn’t be able to enjoy and savor all of the beautiful flowers after the big event.  Although I’m in love with flowers, it’s so sad not to be able to enjoy them for as long as they can last.  So instead, my planner and I decided to go for centerpieces that highlighted my other love and that guests would be able to thoroughly enjoy – cake!

My original idea was to use fruit centerpieces, which I found some beautiful inspiration for here.  But since I was planning to use satellite cakes anyways, my planner suggested that we place one cake on each table as centerpieces so they could multitask before being eaten!  And boy did they multitask for us!  We used them as centerpieces, table numbers, dessert, AND with cute to-go boxes, guests brought cake home for a late night snack.

I was a bit worried since many of the ideas online looked tacky.  I really wanted to use peonies, but since they weren’t in season in Hawaii during out wedding time, I opted for spider mums and fancy carnations.  Luckily, with cute flowers and placement, we were able to get a mini version of the “cascading flowers” that I wanted along with centerpieces that wouldn’t go to waste at the end of the night.    Plus, there were less things to clean up at the end of the night!  Benefits all around :)