Firefighter Party: Adult Tablescapes


Here’s just a couple shots of the adult tables from the firefighter birthday party I posted last week.  There were separate tented areas for the kids tables and round adult tables, brought together with similar colors and the firefighter theme!


All adults went home with cookie favors from Diddy Riese, a UCLA favorite.  They also helped to decorate the table!


Custom signage directed guests to the drink table, set up with lemonade and flavored water.


Happy hump day!


Love Letter Weddings, Hawaii

When you first meet someone, do you ever try to guess what they do?  I always do, and I’m wrong most of the time.

Louise Moriarty for Love Letter Weddings

But somehow, I can always spot a wedding or event planner.  It’s like you can almost see their personal cloud file system floating above their heads, moving around like a screen from Minority Report.  And they’re so darn talented in so many areas.  My friend Zhing is one of these people.  My wedding planner, Louise, is definitely one of these people. Continue reading

Kids + Weddings: Checklist

Kids at Weddings with Here Come the Bride Flags

Can I tell you a secret?  I’m not great with kids and babies.  For some, babies fit like puzzle pieces in their arms.  For me, I avoid holding babies at all costs.  I’ve gotten wonderful at excuses – “Oh you go ahead first!” or “My hands are dirty” or “I’ll grab some water first.”  Although so many of my friends are having kids, I’ve never held one of them.

I always thought I would have an all-adult wedding, but when we decided on a destination wedding, all the kids would have to be included.  We planned a very chic lounge area around the dance floor, and when one of the mothers told me that she’d put her son there to sleep (“Umm.. Excuse me?”), I knew we had to make some special arrangements. Continue reading

Happy Halloween Party

With my mother in law still in the hospital last weekend, I decided to throw a Halloween party there to liven up the mood!  Japanese hospitals are extremely quiet and disheartening.  I believe that people heal faster with smiles, laughter, and a party so I did my little bit to help with the recovery process!

A Halloween corner with treats and treat alternatives:

Halloween Treat Corner

Halloween Treat Corner

Halloween Treat Alternatives for Patients

A costume bar:

Halloween Party Costume Bar

Halloween Party Costume Bar

Some DIY Halloween treat bags:

DIY Halloween Treat Bags

Halloween Treat BagsAccordion pinwheels and felt bunting spruced up the walls.  I wanted to keep the atmosphere lively with blue instead of the traditional Halloween black.

Halloween Bunting and Pinwheels

Felt Bunting and Accordion PinwheelsWe added a balloon wall shaped like a pumpkin.  It served purely as decor – popping the balloons would have made for some angry nurses!

Pumpkin Balloon Wall

The party completely transformed the room, and all of the nurses were shocked to walk into our little party.  We designed Halloween and Thank You cards and handed out candy to the nurses and doctors.  It was fun to share Halloween with people who have never experienced it before and who had the most to gain from a little impromptu party!

Southern Hospitality Dinner Party

Southern Hospitality Dinner Party by oh my omiyage

This past weekend, we had special guests at our place for a meet and greet.  Growing up in the south, I love “Southern Hospitality” and everything it stands for – kindness, friendliness, and that comfortable, homey feeling that you only get around people who really make you feel welcome.  I stand by this whenever I throw a party, but this time, I made it the theme.

Kraft paper tablescape

For me, southern hospitality is thoughtful and put together but just enough so that the ‘feel’ is still relaxed.  Going with this easy-going theme, I used kraft paper ‘tablecloth’ with drawn-on chargers and just a few colorful blooms.

Southern Comfort Food

Our menu for the night was filled with the classic southern comfort foods – mac & cheese, BBQ ribs, creamed corn, and brussel sprouts.  I have some yummy new recipes to share with you guys!

Kraft Paper Tablescape with Rustic Bread

I used some chalkboard paper to make these simple place cards, and wrapped the baguette with a little bow.

Chalkboard Paper Place Cards

Votives transformed the simple kraft paper into a warm and rustic table perfect for an outdoor wedding, housewarming, or grown up baby shower.  Everything looks beautiful under candlelight!

Rustic Baby Shower / See You Later Party

Finally after all of the inspiration, planning, and prep, the day of the Baby Shower / See You Later Party crept upon us, and I couldn’t wait!  Other than the decor, our friend Daniel was cooking a homemade Italian meal that was sure to be amazing.  I splurged on flowers for the event (flowers are expensive in Tokyo), but it added a really nice pop of color!

Rustic Baby Shower Tablescape with natural eggs

I’ve always loved the look of eggs.  Why only use them during Easter?

Rustic Baby Shower Tablescape with Natural Eggs

Above our heads were DIY-ed felt hot air balloons (tutorial here) with bunting.

Felt Hot Air Balloon Decor for a Baby Shower and Going Away Party

I used vintage maps and doilies for the table runner, and the flag place cards were watercolored (tutorial here) and in mini jars of jelly beans!

I used breadsticks to add texture to the table, and as a snack with our Italian meal.

Natural eggs and Italian breadsticks tablescape with watercolored flags

Happy hump day!  Hope you’re having a great week so far :)