Ginza Kimuraya Steam Cakes

Costco is known for featuring local products, and Tokyo is no exception!  I hit GOLD when I discovered these Ginza Kimuraya Steam Cakes.  It tasted like those my mom used to make me before school with that hint of vanilla, but the texture was a perfect mix of softness, fluffiness, and chewiness (sorry mom!).

There are 6 in a pack, which expires about a week after purchase.  Mine lasted 3 days!

It bounces back perfectly when touched.

I heated it up in the microwave for 20 seconds and dunked it in warm milk.  I’m off to search for the bakery!!


10 thoughts on “Ginza Kimuraya Steam Cakes

  1. this one was a winner! it tasted like something they serve in chinese dimsum here in singapore!! :)

    p.s. im having multi-flavored xiao long bao this evening! thinking of you lotttttsssss!!! :)

    • hehe just wait until you see my post tomorrow! we’ll have to have a taste test when you get back :) multi-flavored xiao long bao?? sounds intriguing.. i’m following along with your trip on Instagram! i hope you’re having tons of fun!!

  2. Are you willing to ship some to the states?!! I used to looooove Ginza cake when I was living in Tokyo!

    • It’s great, isn’t it?! If you live in a big city with a Japanese supermarket, they might have it there? I would love to send some to you, but it might not be fresh anymore by the time it arrives! Usually the eat by date is just 1-2 days. But if you don’t mind, I can~!

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