The Food, Fans, and Fun at Japan Baseball

Once we got into the Tokyo Dome, the fun continued.  This was the part that I was looking forward to the most – game food!  I had high expectations especially after all of the fun exploring festival and street food (here and here) a few months ago, and I wasn’t disappointed.  Just like the rest of Japan, there was food everywhere!  The food stands were very casual and not very sophisticated.  They sold basic snacks like churros, hot dogs, crackers, nuts, fries, and these huge popcorn cones:

Huge Popcorn Cones at Tokyo Dome Giants Baseball Game

They also had a lot of Japanese meals and snacks like Giants-themed bento boxes (they were all sold out by the time we got there!), curry and rice, donburi, yakisoba, karage (fried chicken), miso soup, soft serve ice cream, and dried squid.  It’s all very no fuss, Japanese street food.

Karage Japanese Fried Chicken on a Stick at Tokyo Dome Giants Baseball Game

Tokyo Dome Giants Baseball Food Stand

Despite it being a regular-season game, the stadium was packed and boy were the fans supportive!  Everyone came to the stadium ON TIME, which is almost unheard of in LA.  Almost every seat was filled with fans sporting their team’s colors.  There was endless cheering, singing, towel waving, and drum beating.  During the whole offensive inning, the team’s sections were all on their feet while the opposing section right next to them were all seated and unmoved.  Just like Japan – very organized!Tokyo Giants Baseball Stadium

Once we got inside the stadium and to our seats, there was even more food!  There are tons of vendors literally running around selling various treats and drinks like this Meiji Tokyo Dome-shaped ice cream sandwich (in the hands of a goofily happy Zhing!).

Meiji Ice Cream Tokyo Dome

Tokyo Dome Stadium

More about these fun vendors tomorrow! Happy Friday!


2 thoughts on “The Food, Fans, and Fun at Japan Baseball

    • Hahaha I know! I love it – you look like a kid in a candy store :) And yes.. this is pretty representative of how we were like the whole game! I was like you, and Taro was napping beside me. Haha

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