Bridesmaid Proposal: Pearls & Peonies

Bridesmaid Proposal by ohmyomiyage

Hello all!  Apologies for my lack of posts recently, but I come bearing exciting news.  My brother and his fiance have set a wedding date next year at the beautiful Summerour Studios in Midtown, Atlanta.  She is already family in my eyes, but we get to plan a party!  And to make things even sweeter, my future sister-in-law asked me to be Maid of Honor.  It came as a complete surprise and a true honor!

We already have big ideas for the wedding.  She’s a graphic designer so you know it’ll be spectacular.  First things first though, we had to gather her girls together for a bridesmaid proposal.

She was so sweet to buy all of us these gorgeous pearl earrings and rings for the proposal.  With a little bit of moss, some gold bows (sewn by my mom), and fluffy pink peonies, it was the perfect mix of DIY glam.  Here’s a shot of the bride to be!

Bridesmaid Proposal by ohmyomiyage

Bridesmaid Proposal by ohmyomiyage

Can’t wait to plan a wedding with this girl.  How did you propose to your bridesmaids?


Japanese Felt Crafts

Yoko OhkoThought I’d ‘cute-n’ up your day with these Japanese felt mascots.  This is part of a whole series of equally-adorable craft DIY books made by Hamanaka with instructions on how to make these adorable little creatures.  They’re only available in Japanese, but the books are filled with pictures, and it looks like you can also buy these mascots ready-made if you’re not so crafty :) Continue reading

Gingko Nut Crafts

Animal Toys made from gingko nuts

Thinking about getting crafty?  Gingko season is over so if you’ve got some leftover nut shells and some really nimble hands, these little animals may be right up your alley!  My fingers aren’t so artistic (or patient), but they are definitely cute and unique!

Japanese Washi Paper


As much as I love Japanese washi paper, I’ve never purchased it.  It’s one of those things that I’d love to have, but I know I’d cherish too much to ever use it!  Luckily, I have a sister in law who knows me very well, and she recently gifted me a washi paper set (*jumping for joy*)!   Aren’t gifts great that way?  If you’re lucky, you get things that you love but you’d never buy yourself :)


There are a few types of washi paper.  This type is called Kozogami and is made from paper mulberry.  It’s very thick and durable and although it acts like paper, it feels like cloth!  A few of my favorite prints from the set are these adorable owls:


… and these beautiful cranes.  They have such a wonderful shine!


Tied with my new Japanese ribbon, each one would be equally perfect as a gift.  But there’s no way these are leaving my hands!DSC_0102

How do you use washi paper?  Or is there anything that you can’t bear to part ways with at home?

DIY Halloween Costumes for Boys


Carl from the movie Up [from My Modern Met via Pinterest]

Are you and your family dressing up this Halloween?  After a few years off, I’m excited to get back into it this year!  I’ve been a bit out of touch with American pop culture since moving to Tokyo so I’ve been hitting the net for inspiration.  I haven’t figured out what I’m going to do, but I spotted these adorable kids costumes that I just HAD to share.  They’re too cute for words!

via Oh Happy Day

via Wild Ink

What or who will you and your family be this Halloween?