Only in Japan: Deep Golden Eggs

Deep Golden Yolks of Japanese Eggs

Japan is synonymous with perfection when it comes to food.  Everything is done to the best quality and taste and during the right season, and their eggs are no exception!  Since I moved to Japan, I’ve been addicted to eggs.  And I’m not alone – the average Japanese eats 300 eggs a year!  The yolks of Japanese eggs are a nice deep orange, and they’re more flavorful and richer than their counterparts in the west.  The color and flavor comes from the feed given to the chickens, but I think a part of this also comes from freshness of the eggs.

Japanese Eggs

So many Japanese dishes feature eggs, and they’re often served raw or with oozing yolks – sukiyaki, monjayaki, gyudon, and the famous marinated eggs with ramen.

Japanese Eggs

With these eggs, my doughs, cakes, and cookies are richer and have a bouncier texture.  Shrimp fried rice, salads, and omelets contrast nicely to the other ingredients because of the deep golden orange color.  And best of all – hard boiled eggs are easier to peel.  I’m so spoiled that you’ll be hard pressed to get me to eat eggs back in the States anymore!

Japanese Eggs

Stay tuned for one of the simplest, traditional, and most common Japanese egg recipes!


9 thoughts on “Only in Japan: Deep Golden Eggs

      • yes…. ridiculously expensive. I’m not a big egg eater, so I don’t/can’t see the justification for buying them!
        Although, I do/have noticed a difference in the eggs from back home…. the yolks are very, very yellow back home! I wonder why? the feed probably?

    • Hahaha You’re right!! Probably at least one chicken per person. Maybe Japan has the highest chickens per capita. lol Actually, I probably use more than one a day because I’m always baking!

  1. I’m so so jealous. I couldn’t even get a decent yellow on my egg yolks here, my cake can’t properly brown, the quiche looks pale, and when I brush with egg wash, they don’t look that different from the ones I don’t brush. Frustrating. Even the omelet is pale. Don’t get me started on size. The “Grande” is what I would call small in Europe.

    • Ohh no kidding. Do the yolks just have a milky off-yellow whitish color? I’ve never seen one like that! I wonder if it’s because of what they feed them there? Haha I’m not sure if this makes you feel better, but sometimes my egg wash gets too orange and it makes some of my food look a little off!

      • hahaha, I never imagine too yellow egg yolk would make the food looks odd. I’ll take a photo of the eggs here one of these days. They are just pale yellow.
        I shall be waiting for your eggs recipe, I love eggs! yet I am very uncreative when it comes to breakfast.

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