Eye Chart Wall Art

Gray and Yellow Eye Chart Wall Art for a Baby Room by ohmyomiyage

What do you get for a friend who is moving, doesn’t like receiving gifts, is expecting a new family addition but doesn’t want baby gifts, can’t bring food or any typical Tokyo omiyage, wouldn’t want anything too sentimental, whose husband doesn’t want to add clutter, and doesn’t know what their new place will look like, but has impeccable taste and style?

Our friends moved from Tokyo this week, and I wanted to give them a little something to remember us by that fulfilled all that criteria!  I was inspired by this post to make an eye chart wall art.  I thought it would be easy peasy with this Eye Chart Maker, but no matter what I put in the website, the end result just didn’t cut it.  I decided to start from scratch, which gave me more flexibility to add images, colors, and little phrases from our Tokyo memories together.  They’ve been planning to decorate their new baby room in gray and yellow so I matched the wall art accordingly although it’s technically a gift for their new house, not their expected baby!  (Although the message is intended from the parents to the baby to come.  If any of you thought the message was a bit too sentimental to be from friends :P)

Gray and Yellow Eye Chart Wall Art by ohmyomiyage

I planned to gift this in a simple and modern white shadow box, but I was surprised to find that simple, nice frames are hard to come by in Tokyo!  They have a few elaborate ones at lifestyle stores (with fur, large frame to photo ratio, mirrored, etc), and a LOT of ugly ones – cheap thin plastic, weirdly colorful, and really gaudy.  Even nice stationery stores lacked a nice and simple selection.  And don’t get me started on the horrendous wedding frames.  If anyone knows where to buy nice frames in Tokyo, I’d love your advice!


5 thoughts on “Eye Chart Wall Art

  1. Love it!!! But wait a second it wasn’t a message from you to us?! I was pretty pleased and though it was for us!!! (us to bub is lame!!) I’m jut gonna pretend the message was for us!! And you love us (and need us) like frosting on bitter cupcakes!! ;)

    • Hahaha Going with your theme of no baby gifts, yes it’s totally a message from us to you. It’s not needy at ALL :P But yes – you guys ARE the frosting on our cupcake! You make everything exponentially better especially on those bitter after-tasting days. :)

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