Hermes Screen Leather Freebie

I love free downloads – especially when they’re from Hermes!  Download these cool leather desktop wallpapers in all sorts of animal skin textures and colors.  With 35 of them to choose from, there’s one for everyone.  Textures so chic and rich, even PETA wouldn’t complain!  Get yours here.

Hermes Leather Desktop Backgrounds Free Download

Also check out Hermes’ DIY Paper Clutch or their DIY cuff over at Adorn London.


Colorful Christmas Printables

Thinking about wrapping your gifts a little less traditional this year?  Here is a free printable round up that’s sure to bring some easy pizzaz under your tree!

First from Mini Mega Design Studio:

Free Christmas Tags from Mini Mega Design

Some patterns from Eat Drink Chic that remind me of Palm Springs:

Christmas Tags from Eat Drink Chic

And lastly, monogramed tags from How About Orange:

Happy Tuesday, folks!

Bookplate (Ex Libris Label): Free Printable

My peppy friend Zhing at Little Projects in Style recently gave birth to the most adorable baby boy.  For her baby shower, in lieu of gifts, she requested that everyone bring one of their favorite childhood books.  Book parties are such a cute idea that can be tailored to birthdays, summer reading, Christmas, wedding, cooking, or like Zhing – a baby shower!

Blue Plaid Bookplate Ex Libris Label by oh my omiyage

She asked me to design a bookplate that would double as a gift label so she could see everyone’s well wishes every time she reads a bedtime story to her new bebe.  Matching with her gray and yellow room theme and her love of the chevron print, I came up with these:

Chevron Print Bookplate Ex Libris Label by oh my omiyage

Chevron Print Bookplate Ex Libris Label by oh my omiyage

If you’d like to use bookplates for your own party or library or gift, I tweaked Zhing’s version with a plaid background in 3 colors – blue, pink, and yellow.  For me, plaid always reminds me of cozy autumns and winters, but in these colors, it’s such a timeless pattern!  Download them above at Scribd and enjoy!  I’d love to hear or see how you use it :)

Yellow Plaid Bookplate Ex Libris Label by oh my omiyage

Notecard Free Printable

Spotted: adorable custom “Hello” notecards at benign objects.  Download them in editable pdf form and add your name, quote, or favorite recipient to personalize them even further.  No one would know that something so priceless could be so… free!


[via How About Orange]

I’d also like to take a moment to thank Acorn in the Kitchen for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award!  Her blog is full of great recipes, photography, and inspiration – sometimes with a creative Spanish twist.

Rainy Season & Mosquito-palooza

With the onset of rainy season, this quote truly rings true in Japan right now.  I’ve been tickled, bitten, and savaged by these little creatures.  I look like I have the chicken pox again.  I’m always that unfortunate person who gets attacked by mosquitos when no one else in the same place gets bitten.  Putting on an entire bottle of Benedryl today, I thought how distractingly powerful one bug bite can be.  Not to mention 13!  Are you one of those that gets snacked on by mosquitos too?

Download this cute poster here.  Wouldn’t it make your bottle of OFF look so much cuter? :)

Thank You Gift Tag Freebie

photo via

Happy July 4th!  Since the holiday falls in the middle of the week, I hope that you had some time to BBQ and grab a beer last weekend.  We celebrated last weekend with a small home, Japanese-style BBQ and a baseball game!  In case you went to a friend’s place for the holiday, here are some tags for you to decorate your ‘thank you’ gift!  I designed them for our rice crispy treat favors here.  There’s two sizes – a smaller one for small treats or favors like our rice crispies, and a larger one with more personal gifts.  Enjoy!