Firefighter Party: Adult Tablescapes


Here’s just a couple shots of the adult tables from the firefighter birthday party I posted last week.  There were separate tented areas for the kids tables and round adult tables, brought together with similar colors and the firefighter theme!


All adults went home with cookie favors from Diddy Riese, a UCLA favorite.  They also helped to decorate the table!


Custom signage directed guests to the drink table, set up with lemonade and flavored water.


Happy hump day!

Firefighter Birthday Party

Hey y’all!  (Do you hear my southern twang?) There’s been a lack of posts because… I’ve moved back home to Atlanta!  It’s been a whirlwind of moving and settling in.  Thank you to all who have followed me in Tokyo.  Although I’ll be posting less on Japan, there’ll still be lots of parties, food, travel, and DIY.  My first project back was my dear friend’s son’s firefighter-inspired 4th birthday party.  It was peak summer in LA so I had decor to match – bright, happy, and fun-filled!  There were separate tented areas for the kids and adults, brought together with yellow and red decor.


What kind of cake do you have for a firefighter party?  A fire engine of course…


.. topped off with adorable minions.


And matching water bottles!


I’m kicking myself for not taking photos of the party favors – fire house books and Diddy Reese cookies in custom-made fire engine canvas tote bags.

dallas birthday party


The topping of the party?  A real fire engine complete with real firemen from 5 Alarm Fire Engine.  These guys were awesome – great with the kids, prepared with tons of activities, professional, and patience galore for the 40+ (yes FORTY!) kids that attended.  I highly recommend them if you’re having a similar party in the LA/OC/Inland Empire area.  The kids and many of the parents were thoroughly entertained with fire hose water shooting, tug of war, dressing in all the gear, and fire engine rides around the neighborhood.  Fun for everyone!


Tomorrow, the adult tables! :)

A Simple Dessert Bar

Vanilla Cupcakes with Strawberry Frosting by oh my omiyageI’m all about the dessert so when I plan a party, it’s hard for me to narrow it down to just one!  Naturally, I love a dessert bar.  It sweetens up the decor and adds anticipation for the rest of the meal.  Plus, I love the guests’ ooohs and ahhhs as they investigate.  This is especially great for kids – they light up when they spot the sweets, and it’s a great bribe to behave until the end of dinner!

Chocolate Cream and Banana Cream Pudding by oh my omiyageTip: finish cooking the desserts before your guests arrive.  When the guests spot all of the sugar and butter that goes into some of these sweet treats, it can hold them back from fully enjoying the desserts later on.  No reason to make your guests feel more guilty!

Japanese Girls Day Treats from oh my omiyageMy dessert bar this time included vanilla cupcakes with strawberry cream cheese frosting, chocolate cream and banana cream pudding, treats for Japanese girls day (cherry blossom marshmallows, puffed rice, strawberry Pocky), and a cheese round topped with honey and dried fruit.

Simple Dessert Bar by oh my omiyageFor more ideas for a dessert bar, check out my Cocktails & Canape Party last year!

Indoor Hanami Party

Indoor Hanami Party by oh my omiyageI’m so ready for spring, and although the weather hasn’t caught up with me, I warmed up my apartment with a hanami party this weekend!

Indoor Hanami Party by oh my omiyage

‘Hanami’ literally means ‘looking at flowers’ in Japanese, and every year when the cherry blossoms bloom, people flock to the parks and picnic beneath the pink cherry blossoms – called hanami parties.  Even though the blossoms bloom near the end of March, it’s typically still chilly so I brought the flowers (and the party) indoors with Japanese-inspired table details.

Indoor Hanami Party by oh my omiyage

My vases were inspired by obi (the sash wrapping a kimono).  I finally used my kozogami washi paper!Indoor Hanami Party by oh my omiyage

Place cards were fashioned using washi tissue paper and fun spring quotes!  Stay tuned for the DIY tutorial later this week :)

Indoor Hanami Party by oh my omiyage

Indoor Hanami Party by oh my omiyage

All of the flowers put me in the perfect mood for spring!