Raisin Wich

Paris Ogawaken Raisin Wich TokyoA very popular omiyage in Tokyo and Hokkaido, and one that gives tourists pause is the raisin sandwich.  It’s two vanilla cookies stuck together with a special buttercream and high-quality raisins.  Paris Ogawaken claims to be the original inventor of this dessert from the 1950s, but they started a shop devoted only to their desserts in the 80s.  These are good, but I prefer the ones from Hokkaido by Rokkatei.  Their Marusei Butter Sand just oozes butter and creaminess.

Paris Ogawaken Raisen Wich Tokyo

In case you’re confused, Paris Ogawaken has no relation to Europe at all.  A lot of Japanese bakeries and patisseries add “Paris” or “France” to their brand names or packaging to make their desserts more appealing their local Japanese clientele.

Tokyo Ogawaken Raisin Wich

One thing that Ogawaken does better than Rokkatei is their packaging.  The brown box is filled with quality and elegance, and each of the sandwiches are individual wrapped and ready to share.  It makes a great gift for friends and family back home if you’re able to gift them within a week or so before they expire.

Paris Ogawaken
2-20-15 Shimbashi, Minato-ku 105-0004 (map)


8 thoughts on “Raisin Wich

  1. Oh goodness….I am sitting here with a growling stomach and planning my Tokyo itinerary and you hit me with this post….do I want to include a trip to Shimbashi now? Hmmm…..

    • Ohh!! Do you have the dates of your trip already?? How exciting!! If you don’t have time to add Shimbashi into the itinerary, you can often find these in depachika in the basement of department stores too!

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