Wa-Bi-Sa: Modern Japanese Butter Cookies

– (left to right) Strawberry, Japanese sugar, Matcha –

Wa-Bi-Sa is a shop specializing in Japanese butter cookies with a modern vibe.  Their cookies are delicate, light, and semi-sweet powdered with various flavors such as strawberry, matcha, Japanese sugar, sweet potato, etc.  It is owned by the same company that makes Yoku Moku butter cookies so they also use high-quality butter to make their products.  As Wa-Bi-Sa is a newer company, their packaging and products are more attractive than those at Yoku Moku.  It’s very clean, cute, and colorful!  Plus the cookies are sweet and buttery with a flavored finish.  Yumm.

– 3 different flavors mimicking Wa-Bi-Sa’s original presentation –

– They are very delicate so the powder falls off easily –

– The cookie is softer because of the buttery goodness. –

– A picture of their individual packs –

– They also have mixed gift packages – the colors are divine –

– How can this presentation not attract you?? Wa-Bi-Sa was one of the first omiyage I bought for my family and friends back home. –


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