What’s an omiyage?

At Sensoji Temple with an omiyage, Asakusa Tokyo

An omiyage (pronounced: oh-me-ah-gay) is Japanese for a souvenir for your friends, family, and coworkers not fortunate enough to travel with you.  Every region or city of Japan is known for its specialty food item – whether it be sweet or savory.. or both! It’s typically beautifully packaged and individually wrapped, ready to be given away, shared, and devoured.  Like any social interaction, the act of giving and receiving omiyage differs depending on the type of person, company, or family, and it also depends on your relationship with those people.  It might sound complicated, and sometimes it is!

Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo

I grew up in the US and moved to Tokyo a year ago with my husband.  Although I wouldn’t call myself a foodie (as my palate pales in comparison to most I know), I live for good food, a great display, and amazing packaging – all of which are plentiful in Japan!  I’ll be posting about my Tokyo food and life findings – yummy sugary and savory snacks, my favorite restaurants, and ways to fit in if you visit.  I hope it’ll be helpful (and mouth-watering) for you!

At a temple near Mt.Fuji


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