Firefighter Party: Adult Tablescapes


Here’s just a couple shots of the adult tables from the firefighter birthday party I posted last week.  There were separate tented areas for the kids tables and round adult tables, brought together with similar colors and the firefighter theme!


All adults went home with cookie favors from Diddy Riese, a UCLA favorite.  They also helped to decorate the table!


Custom signage directed guests to the drink table, set up with lemonade and flavored water.


Happy hump day!

Bookplate (Ex Libris Label): Free Printable

My peppy friend Zhing at Little Projects in Style recently gave birth to the most adorable baby boy.  For her baby shower, in lieu of gifts, she requested that everyone bring one of their favorite childhood books.  Book parties are such a cute idea that can be tailored to birthdays, summer reading, Christmas, wedding, cooking, or like Zhing – a baby shower!

Blue Plaid Bookplate Ex Libris Label by oh my omiyage

She asked me to design a bookplate that would double as a gift label so she could see everyone’s well wishes every time she reads a bedtime story to her new bebe.  Matching with her gray and yellow room theme and her love of the chevron print, I came up with these:

Chevron Print Bookplate Ex Libris Label by oh my omiyage

Chevron Print Bookplate Ex Libris Label by oh my omiyage

If you’d like to use bookplates for your own party or library or gift, I tweaked Zhing’s version with a plaid background in 3 colors – blue, pink, and yellow.  For me, plaid always reminds me of cozy autumns and winters, but in these colors, it’s such a timeless pattern!  Download them above at Scribd and enjoy!  I’d love to hear or see how you use it :)

Yellow Plaid Bookplate Ex Libris Label by oh my omiyage

Happy Birthday, Hubby :)

Man untying his bow tie at a wedding

Today, my hubby celebrates a big something-5 year birthday!  It’s been a good year, and our little life has changed quite a bit.  In the past year, he was able to achieve his dream of starting his own company, we hosted our long-awaited wedding in Hawaii, he dealt with my endless need to throw and host parties, and he’s grown closer than ever to my two little ‘pets,’ making us more of a family.  This week, we’re meeting up with our family for a Japanese traditional photo shoot and a few birthday dinners!  Can’t wait to share the festivities with you all :)

Cocktails & Canapes Party: Menu

What originally was supposed to be a low key birthday get together at home has turned into more of a cocktail – networking party as we had to push back the date and add a few dozen more friends.  I can never stick to just one reason to throw a bash!  I’ve been working on the menu for the past few weeks, and I think I’ve finalized it.  Now I just need to figure out how I’m going to cramp so many people in our very small apartment!  Here’s the planned gustation menu:

Shrimp and avocado salad on endive (here), Carrot cake pops (here), Grilled lamb pops (here), Grilled cheese with tomato soup (here), Egg rolls (here), Mini fruit tarts (here), Sausage skewers with artichoke and roasted bell pepper (here), English trifle shots (here), Chipotle chicken wonton cups (here), Roast beef open-faced sandwiches (via Pinterest), Brazilian cheese bread (here), Caprese salad skewers (here), Yellowtail tartar spoons (here), Stuffed mushrooms (here), and Breadsticks wrapped in prosciutto (here).

WHEW!  Listing all the dishes is making me intimidated.  Slow and steady until my whirlwind of cooking on Saturday.

P.S. I just remembered I was going to post about my liver detox method today.  I’ll post it this week!

Tea, Marshmallows & Birthday Treats

Thought I’d share some adorable birthday treats from my in laws!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

How cute is the marshmallow cutting board?!  I don’t think I’d be able to push myself to cut on it, but I’m sure I’ll find creative uses for it!  The fun polka dot box is full of items from Daiso – fake eyelashes, gift bags, nail decor, leg warmers, doilies, and a heart-shaped sponge.  I haven’t been to Daiso in awhile – I think it’s time for another visit!