Bridesmaid Proposal: Pearls & Peonies

Bridesmaid Proposal by ohmyomiyage

Hello all!  Apologies for my lack of posts recently, but I come bearing exciting news.  My brother and his fiance have set a wedding date next year at the beautiful Summerour Studios in Midtown, Atlanta.  She is already family in my eyes, but we get to plan a party!  And to make things even sweeter, my future sister-in-law asked me to be Maid of Honor.  It came as a complete surprise and a true honor!

We already have big ideas for the wedding.  She’s a graphic designer so you know it’ll be spectacular.  First things first though, we had to gather her girls together for a bridesmaid proposal.

She was so sweet to buy all of us these gorgeous pearl earrings and rings for the proposal.  With a little bit of moss, some gold bows (sewn by my mom), and fluffy pink peonies, it was the perfect mix of DIY glam.  Here’s a shot of the bride to be!

Bridesmaid Proposal by ohmyomiyage

Bridesmaid Proposal by ohmyomiyage

Can’t wait to plan a wedding with this girl.  How did you propose to your bridesmaids?


Throwback Rice Packaging

Spotted: awesome throwback rice packaging.  I’ve been seeing this packaging more and more around town from specialty Japanese food and/or rice shops.  This 2kg bag of rice from Arobo in Hiroo is a more modern take on the design.

Note: Japanese rice is a great omiyage (souvenir).  It’s flavorful with a great texture that’s hard to find outside of Japan – especially if it’s from this year’s harvest!  Visit one of the specialty rice shops like Suzunobu in Meguro.

Hermes Screen Leather Freebie

I love free downloads – especially when they’re from Hermes!  Download these cool leather desktop wallpapers in all sorts of animal skin textures and colors.  With 35 of them to choose from, there’s one for everyone.  Textures so chic and rich, even PETA wouldn’t complain!  Get yours here.

Hermes Leather Desktop Backgrounds Free Download

Also check out Hermes’ DIY Paper Clutch or their DIY cuff over at Adorn London.

Polar Ice Cubes

Looking for a ‘cool’ way to add some pizzaz to your summer party?  Look no further than these cute polar glacier molds!  They’ll instantly cool you down on those summer days.  And if that doesn’t work, at least they’ll distract you from thinking how hot you are for a few seconds.  “Oh those creative Japanese designers…”

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