Perfect Strawberries in Japan

Strawberries in Japan are spectacular: perfectly sweet with just a hint of sour and so much ‘strawberry-ness’.  It’s as if they’ve taken out any ancillary flavors and just injected the flavor of 10 strawberries into 1.  On top of that, they’re also perfectly plump, and I’ve never seen such a deep, pretty red!  Some of them literally look like they’ve been molded using a heart-shaped cookie cutter and painted with food coloring.

The story’s not all sweet though – these suckers can get expensive!  They range from 30-500 yen (approx 50 cents to $6 each), and they sell for even more overseas – even up to $100 each.  What do you think a $6 strawberry tastes like? .. And is it that different from a $100 strawberry?


2 thoughts on “Perfect Strawberries in Japan

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