Delaware Grapes: Japan’s Sweet Morsels

Delaware Grapes in Japan

Delaware Grapes Japanese

Fruit in Japan is sublime.  It’s the only place where fruit is such an art form in appearance and taste.  Whatever the Japanese do, they do it with such precision and perfection… especially when it comes to food!  Last summer, I discovered delaware grapes, which are apparently not unique to Japan, but it’s the only place where I’ve seen them common as table grapes.  They are also grown in the Eastern US and are typically used for wine making – iced and sparkling wine.

The grapes are so tightly packed on the vine – so much so that a whole bowl full fits in the palm of your hand.  There’s safety in numbers because when picked off one by one, they are so delicate, and the skin tears so readily.  Juice and grape flesh burst out of the peel.  These grapes are as sweet and sour as a gummy candy and the texture dripping of juice.  It’s easy to see why they use these grapes to make wine!

Delaware Grape Peels

If you’re interested, you can pick up 250 grams for about 400 yen.  Now if we could only find something to do with the leftover peels!


5 thoughts on “Delaware Grapes: Japan’s Sweet Morsels

  1. You took those pictures!!!! ;) they look amazing!! Hope they’re still in season when I’m back!!! ;) or better still… Kyogo grapes!!

    • Hehehe thanks :) Kyogo grapes will be in season from next month until the end of August :) I remember it was super hot when I was eating those so you won’t miss it! But I haven’t been able to get those mini watermelons… :(

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