Ombre & Dipped Pumpkins

Happy Halloween: Ombre & Dipped Painted Pumpkins by oh my omiyage

How did you decorate your pumpkins this Halloween?  I didn’t have time to duplicate the chevron look because of a last minute Halloween party I put together (more on that tomorrow!) so I went with my second love – ombre and polka dots!

Ombre & Dipped Pumpkins by oh my omiyage

Trick or treating hasn’t made it to Tokyo (although I’ve seen it in a few small neighborhoods), but Roppongi was filled with costumed club goers last weekend.  The costumes were so amazing – elaborate Darth Vaders, a whole group dressed in Kusama Yayoi costumes, and tons of Power Rangers!  But of course, I forgot my camera.

Polka Dot & Dressed Up Pumpkins by oh my omiyage

Today, I’ll be making candy for the first time in Halloween’s honor, but besides the inevitable sighs of exasperation from my kitchen, Halloween will be quiet and peaceful!

Ombre & Dipped Painted Pumpkins by oh my omiyage

How are you celebrating Halloween this year?  Did you dress up?


Rustic Baby Shower / See You Later Party

Finally after all of the inspiration, planning, and prep, the day of the Baby Shower / See You Later Party crept upon us, and I couldn’t wait!  Other than the decor, our friend Daniel was cooking a homemade Italian meal that was sure to be amazing.  I splurged on flowers for the event (flowers are expensive in Tokyo), but it added a really nice pop of color!

Rustic Baby Shower Tablescape with natural eggs

I’ve always loved the look of eggs.  Why only use them during Easter?

Rustic Baby Shower Tablescape with Natural Eggs

Above our heads were DIY-ed felt hot air balloons (tutorial here) with bunting.

Felt Hot Air Balloon Decor for a Baby Shower and Going Away Party

I used vintage maps and doilies for the table runner, and the flag place cards were watercolored (tutorial here) and in mini jars of jelly beans!

I used breadsticks to add texture to the table, and as a snack with our Italian meal.

Natural eggs and Italian breadsticks tablescape with watercolored flags

Happy hump day!  Hope you’re having a great week so far :)

Rustic & Whimsical Baby Shower Inspiration Board

Rustic and Whimsical Baby Shower Inspiration Board by oh my omiyage

Last week, I was happily tasked (by myself of course!) to plan a going away party for our friends, but since all of the couples except mine are expecting, I wanted to double it as a baby shower as well.  Two parties in one (like our Thankful for Birthdays Party) are my specialty since I always want to host more parties than I have time to do.   Here’s my inspiration:

1. I’ve always loved the rustic look of mixed eggs [via]

2. These hot air balloons from last week’s post are adorable for a baby shower and also perfect for an “Up, Up, and Away” going away party theme.

3. DIY watercolor place card flags – includes template and tutorial [via]

4. I thought a donut tower was just too adorable for words, but I didn’t want to overwhelm everyone with donuts since Daniel (the chef) always overfeeds us with amazing food. [via]

5. Love kraft paper runners – they’re cheap and easy to clean up! [via]

Christmas in Paris Party

This past weekend, we celebrated Christmas with a French menu paired with modern, bold, and fun decor!  All of the decor was done by myself and the queen of party ideas, little projects in style.  Here’s our table…

Busy cleaning our table mid-meal…

A close up on the paper roses (I’ll post a DIY tutorial later this week!)

The place settings (place cards from Martha Stewart)

A BIG thanks to Daniel and Yichin who hosted and cooked up a 9-course meal!

I’m just drooling looking at the pictures again! I can’t wait for our next party :)  How was your Christmas celebration?

“Christmas in Paris” Party Planning

This Christmas, we are heading over to our friend’s house, who just happens to be an amazing chef!  He has a tantalizing French meal planned.  Along with helping with a little of the grocery shopping and food prep, another one of my friends and I are in charge of all of the decor.  Here’s my inspiration:

– Modern, Clean, with Red Paper Lanterns –

– Bold punches of color with a vintage appeal –

– Roses and candles as a table runner –

– I would love to use these as decor.. or for our outfits! –

– Inspired by Chanel (I love Almond Sparkling Wine.. it’s perfect for these kinds of occasions, but hard to find in Tokyo!) –

– Red Velvet Pops –

– Laduree Macaroons Anyone? –

What are your decoration plans for Christmas?