Mt.Fuji :: Fuji-san

Mt.Fuji Aerial View by

Hi all!  How’s winter been treating you?  I’ve been hibernating so I’m ready for spring to arrive!  Unfortunately, the weather doesn’t follow my whims so it’ll be another month of chills before it starts to warm up here in Tokyo.

To get my feet wet with blogging again, I thought I’d post something very Japan: Mt.Fuji!  Or as locals call it, Fuji-san. Besides sightseeing, my favorite thing to do around Mt.Fuji is to eat houtou!  It’s famous because of its symmetrical shape and is still an active volcano.  Some scientists predict that it’ll erupt in 2015.  This photo was taken on my flight from Tokyo to Okinawa (posts coming soon!).

Have you seen or climbed Mt.Fuji?  Do you have any favorite mountains in your area?


Cronuts In Tokyo!

Well that didn’t take that long!  You can now find cronuts in cafes around Tokyo supplied by Banderole.  The craze hasn’t hit the radar of Japanese trend setters yet so don’t expect the long lines that you’d find for pancakes or brunch spots.  I’m not sure if this will become a fad in Japan as even cupcakes haven’t made a big splash.  But we’ll see!  Sometimes these food trends take awhile to catch on here (like pancakes). Continue reading

Marbled Pork at Tonkatsu Butagumi


I can honestly say that I have never had good pork until I came to Japan.  Although Japan is famous for its beef, the pork is also high quality, marbled, juicy, full of flavor, and oh so tender.  There are many ways to eat pork in Japan, but one of the popular dishes is tonkatsu – a lightly breaded, fried pork cutlet.  I’ve been wanting to try Butagumi in Nishi Azabu for a long time.  It’s rated as one of the best places in Tokyo for tonkatsu, and I have to agree that it’s my favorite so far!


Continue reading

Food Balancing Act

Food Balancing Act - Food Delivery in Japan on Bike

Don’t you hate it when your pizza arrives at your house all smooshed to one side?  Those pizza delivery guys can take a lesson from this guy.  I spotted this delivery circus act in Akasaka Mitsuke and had to scramble to take out my camera and do a thorough inspection of his balancing act before the light changed.  What he’s holding is just a flat tray without any handles or grips beneath it!  At stop lights, he balances it on his shoulder (like in this photo), and while he’s riding, he balances the tray on one hand while directing his bike with the other.  And to make it even crazier?  There’s definitely hot soup in those bowls.  He really gives a new meaning to “Look Ma! No hands!”

Dreaming of Shinola Bikes

I recently picked up cycling in Tokyo, and I have to say that this is one of the best cities to bike!  Drivers and pedestrians are very attentive to cyclers – usually giving us a pretty wide berth on the road or moving to the side when they hear the ring of your bell.  Theft is pretty rare and why you see some very high-end bikes comfortably parked on the side of the road.  I was flabbergasted when my Japanese exchange student roommate wanted to bike the streets of LA without a helmet, but I can now understand!  You rarely see a helmet in Tokyo on everyday commuters. Continue reading

Warayakiya: Bonito & Chicken


Always busy and inviting with its outdoor patio, Warayakiya features food from Kouchi Prefecture – specifically charcoal-grilled bonito and chicken hot pot.  It’s always full of people who appreciate the quality of the food and the great atmosphere!  There are many locations all around Tokyo. Continue reading