Kawagoe: Penny Candy Alley

Traditional Candy Shop at Kawagoe Penny Candy Alley (Kashiya Yokocho)

One of my favorite parts of Kawagoe was Penny Candy Alley (Kashiya Yokocho) that’s made of small alleyways, old merchant candy shops, and tons of traditional candy and snacks.  It has such a great nostalgic feel that makes everyone reminisce about a simpler time.  Even my husband ran around like a kid in a candy shop, and with big eyes, he asked me for 100 yen ($1)!

Traditional Japanese Candy Shop at Kawagoe Penny Candy Alley Kashiya Yokocho

This area used to be one of the biggest producers and suppliers of candy in Japan.  It specialized in hand-rolled hard candy with cute designs in the center, which was very popular in Tokyo in the early to mid 1900s.  If anyone knows the name of this candy, please fill me in!

*Update: I’ve learned that these hard candies are called Kintaro-ame.  This design is of a famous Japanese hero, Kintaro, and it’s been popular since the 1800s.  If you’re interested in how it’s made, this is a great video.  You can also custom order there with your own design.  Great idea for wedding favors!

Traditional Japanese Candy Shop at Kawagoe Penny Candy Alley Kashiya YokochoThis area also specializes in sweet potato snacks and desserts.  You’ll find many of these yokan for sale.  I love the color!


I’ll show you another yummy sweet potato snack tomorrow :)


15 thoughts on “Kawagoe: Penny Candy Alley

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    • That’s what happened to me too! I heard that it gets really hot there in the summer so I think this season is perfect if you can find the time & you’re in Japan!

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