Sweet Potato Bun

Kawagoe Penny Candy Alley Japanese Sweet Potato Bun Dessert

Purple sweet potatoes must be one of the most beautiful vegetables. Their natural color is better than any imitation food coloring out there.  So when I came across a shop selling these sweet potato-filled buns steaming in a wooden box on a side street, I had to buy one! … And then I bought another.


For 100 yen each, I should have followed the girl next to me and bought a 6-pack.  They were that good.  I love the thin, soft ‘bun’.  The flavor is all sweet potato – sweet like honey, creamy, and steaming hot!


You’ll find this shop in Kawagoe on the north side of Penny Candy Alley.


23 thoughts on “Sweet Potato Bun

      • I just found these potatoes in china town in nyc…love them, very sweet. I think I will try my hand at bun making.

      • Yes they’re very sweet! I don’t think they added any sugar to make these buns :) Good luck with yours – can’t wait to see them!

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  2. Oh my, what a beautiful surprise inside! I’ve never seen these before so I’m super intrigued. I can’t imagine I’ll be able to get to Japan again any time soon, so I’ll have to hunt around for a recipe now…

    • I love color inside too! If anyone’s able to duplicate it, I’m sure you can! The filling was very natural. If it was sweetened at all, I think they used honey. And if you can’t find purple sweet potatoes, I’m sure these would look fabulous with the orange ones too!

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