Furoshiki Wedding Welcome Bags

I’ve been in love with furoshiki since I moved to Japan and discovered how useful it is.  For our wedding, I wanted to integrate some Japanese traditions so I decided to make furoshiki welcome bags.  In addition to being functional as a hang bag, the guests could reuse this furoshiki during the weekend as a beach bag, bathing suit wrap, or picnic mat, and they could take it home for many other uses!

I picked up some fabric from Nippori, and my mom and I (mostly my mom!) went hard to work sewing 60 1 meter x 1 meter furoshikis.  We made them especially large so that the guests could use them for a lot more things later on!  These welcome bags were hung on the doors of our guests rooms or we gave them in person.

We gave gray furoshiki to most of our guests, but my bridesmaids and family members got special red ones to stand out.  I loved seeing our guests use their furoshiki the whole weekend!

11 thoughts on “Furoshiki Wedding Welcome Bags

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