Kids + Weddings: Checklist

Kids at Weddings with Here Come the Bride Flags

Can I tell you a secret?  I’m not great with kids and babies.  For some, babies fit like puzzle pieces in their arms.  For me, I avoid holding babies at all costs.  I’ve gotten wonderful at excuses – “Oh you go ahead first!” or “My hands are dirty” or “I’ll grab some water first.”  Although so many of my friends are having kids, I’ve never held one of them.

I always thought I would have an all-adult wedding, but when we decided on a destination wedding, all the kids would have to be included.  We planned a very chic lounge area around the dance floor, and when one of the mothers told me that she’d put her son there to sleep (“Umm.. Excuse me?”), I knew we had to make some special arrangements.


I’ll eat crow – with the right planning, kids add a special fun touch to weddings!  They make for great photo ops, give guests a conversational starter, and make weddings feel more intimate.  The boy who was going to sleep on my lounge couches? He was the centerpiece of the dance floor – breakdancing until the very end of the night!  If you’re not a kid person like me and you’re planning a wedding, give a second thought to having kids around.  If I loved it, I’m sure you can too!

Here are the things we considered:

  • Food: Are there dietary restrictions?  Caterers can typically arrange for special food and drinks for kids.
  • Seating: Do you need to rent special high chairs or booster seats?  Do they need to eat by their parents or are they old enough for a ‘kids table’?
  • Kids Table: If you arrange a special kids table, do you want a shorter table and smaller chairs?  I would also suggest games, toys, activities, or even an entertainer – magic show, face painter, etc.
  • Transportation: If you’re providing transportation, do you need child seats?  Do you need to arrange an earlier ride back home for sleepy kids?
  • Venue: An open venue like a beach or park is wonderful for kids.
  • Participation: Will the kids be given tasks in the wedding?
  • Parents: We clued in parents as much as possible on the day’s schedule so they could plan naps, feeding, diaper changes, etc.


2 thoughts on “Kids + Weddings: Checklist

  1. I always said I didn’t want to have kids at my wedding whenever I do decide to get married. Only because, I didn’t want kids to see adults acting crazy lol. But kid friendly weddings are also fun as well. They just need to have fun too you know.

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