Kissing: Only for Most Serious of Hearts


Yesterday during class, I learned from my students that kissing is treated much differently here than in the States.  For many in Japan, kissing is only for very serious couples or those who are engaged or married!  I was so shocked when I heard this and thought back to my college days when my friends were almost competing for the record number of guys someone could kiss in a week.  A few of my female students have never been kissed (not unattractive girls.. some who are in their 20s) while some have only kissed their husbands.  There seems to be something weird going on though since some of the guys started kissing when they were teenagers.  Well, I guess there won’t be much kissing going on this Valentine’s Day… unless you’re married.  Or a guy.  However that works!


5 thoughts on “Kissing: Only for Most Serious of Hearts

  1. Hi, first time commenter.
    I am really quite sure that they are being overly modest. All my friends (in their early 20s) happily smootch lots of people ;p

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