Mt.Fuji :: Fuji-san

Mt.Fuji Aerial View by

Hi all!  How’s winter been treating you?  I’ve been hibernating so I’m ready for spring to arrive!  Unfortunately, the weather doesn’t follow my whims so it’ll be another month of chills before it starts to warm up here in Tokyo.

To get my feet wet with blogging again, I thought I’d post something very Japan: Mt.Fuji!  Or as locals call it, Fuji-san. Besides sightseeing, my favorite thing to do around Mt.Fuji is to eat houtou!  It’s famous because of its symmetrical shape and is still an active volcano.  Some scientists predict that it’ll erupt in 2015.  This photo was taken on my flight from Tokyo to Okinawa (posts coming soon!).

Have you seen or climbed Mt.Fuji?  Do you have any favorite mountains in your area?


Houtou: Pumpkin Udon for the Fall

Houtou Fudou in Yamanashi: Japanese Pumpkin Miso Udon

If you’ve ever been to the Mt.Fuji area, you’ve no doubtfully seen or tried one of the many houtou restaurants!  Houtou is a local specialty in Yamanashi close to the hot tourist spot, Mt.Fuji.  It’s a hearty and nutritious miso and pumpkin-based broth cooked in a large cast iron bowl and filled with chewy udon and vegetables.  Although it’s served year round, it’s my favorite in the colder months when nothing satiates your stomach like a piping hot bowl of noodles! Continue reading