Office Warming Party & VIP Accounts Office Warming Party & VIP Accounts for first 1000 accounts

To celebrate the opening of Fresca, we held an office warming party!  There just aren’t enough office warming parties.  Wouldn’t you love to see some of the great offices out there?  Or to see where your friends work?  I say we spread the word and bring a little more fun into offices all around :)

For all of you who couldn’t join our party, we’re offering VIP accounts to the first 1,000 people who register to the site.  This means 10% off all purchases until the end of the year along with some other fun insider offers.  Usually, you have to spend over a certain threshold to get this status so spaces are filing up pretty fast.  There’s a step-by-step English guide too for those like me! Continue reading


Fresca: Gourmet Online Shop & Toby’s Estate Giveaway

L'Abeille Honey from by oh my omiyage

Big news!!  I started working part time for Fresca – a new gourmet online marketplace in Japan.  Right up my alley, right?!  All of the food and products are thoroughly vetted for quality, taste, and brand image.  And guess who gets to do some of the vetting?  Yup – right up my alley, indeed :)

Fresca specializes in famous, hip brands, boutiques, and restaurants from Japan and abroad.  Perfect for expats or anyone who loves food and dinner parties!  Some of my favorites are Intelligentsia and Toby’s Coffee (finally.. good coffee in Tokyo!), common good, Azuman’s Sendai beef (grade 5: best in Japan) and wasabi that I wrote about before, and Nobu. Continue reading

Have You Joined the Cronut Craze?


Cronuts cronuts cronuts!!

All of my social media apps have been filled with snapshots of these treats and the long lines waiting for them.  If I weren’t in Tokyo, where queues around the corner (for the latest fads like pancakes, granola, or the latest ramen shop) are more common than white rice , I would be shocked at the fervor of the craze in the States.  If you’re like me and haven’t heard about cronuts, they’re a croissant-like puff pastry cut into the shape of a donut, deep fried, covered with granulated sugar, injected with cream, and then decorated with icing and sprinkles.  Seriously – how can that NOT be good? Continue reading