Black + White Bridal Shower

I’m in love with this black and white striped bridal shower featured on The Sweetest Occasion.  It’s rare to see a bridal shower decorated with mostly black, but with those pops of pink are such a great feminine contrast.

Those stripes and pops of gold? *swoon* Continue reading

How To: A Surprise Virtual Bridal Shower

I usually try to be modest, but today, I’ll can’t help bragging: I have the best, most resourceful, and creative friends in the world.

– My favorite strawberry shortcake tart from Takano –

Because I live in Japan, I wasn’t able to have a traditional bridal shower so how did my friends solve this?  Skype and a lot of planning!  Along with my friends in LA who surprised me with a party on their side, some of my Tokyo friends showed up at my door with decor, yummy desserts, a pizza feast, and gifts – oh my!

– The wonderful decor (in my favorite colors nonetheless) went up faster than I could realize what was going on by Zhing from little projects in style

My friends didn’t miss a beat.  All guests on both sides of the ocean had matching bridal shower accessories.  Both parties even ate similar food – a pizza and pasta feast!  They contacted my husband to make other plans for the morning, and somehow, my LA friends even coordinated with and invited my Tokyo friends whom they’ve never met!  In fact, my friends who showed up at my door have never even met each other before that day.  How was it possible, you may be asking? Facebook (and my husband had a little hand in this)!!

– Champagne and wine from one of my favorite shops, Enoteca

– Gift opening session courtesy of some well-coordinated shipping and teamwork! My friends were even able to take pictures of me opening their gifts!  –

– We were even able to take group shots! –

On both sides, we mirrored Skype to our TVs so that we could be a little bit closer to life size in each others’ living rooms.  Although I wish I could’ve hung out with all my girls in person, this virtual party was almost cooler than having a traditional shower.

 – A genuinely surprised, ecstatic, and grateful bride! –

With a little bit of modern technology and a lot of planning and coordination, I was able to have a very memorable and unique bridal shower that included friends from around the world!  It has to be one of the coolest bridal showers EVER.