Ramen: It Just Got Better.

As much as I love and eat ramen, I rarely write about it here.  And never two posts in a row.  But I had an experience yesterday that I just.. have.. to.. share.  It was THAT good.

Nishiazabu Gogyo Ramen in Tokyo by oh my omiyage

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Kohmen Ramen Shop

I’m so lucky to live in a place where I can step out of my house and have a new, tasty ramen every day!  Sorry.  Am I rubbing it in?  If I did do that, I would get incredibly fat. Does that make you feel better? :)

Kohmen Roppongi Tonkatsu Ramen by oh my omiyage

In my ‘hood, my favorite ramen shops are the popular ippudo and ichiran, but sometimes for a change, we go to Kohmen.  The Roppongi location especially caters towards foreign customers with an English menu and pictures galore.  My favorite is the plain jane tonkatsu ramen (pictured above).  Last time, my husband tried the tonkatsu ramen topped with bean sprouts and pork. Continue reading

Udon: It’s All About the Broth

Spring Summer Autumn Winter 春夏秋冬 Udon Soy Sauce Restaurant

My friends sometimes ask me if I eat sushi every day since I live in Japan.  I would love to eat sushi all the time, but my pockets aren’t that deep, and I crave hot, cooked food once in awhile!  One thing that people eat very often in Japan is noodles.  They’re usually affordable, accessible, and really tasty! Continue reading

Seafood Izakaya: Eboshi

Eboshi Chigasaki: Seafood Izakaya Sashimi Platter

Izakaya is Japanese tapas where alcohol is usually the main entree.  You can order a variety of small dishes that typically go well with alcohol.  These joints are a great place for groups or anyone on a budget since there’s a wide selection of food and you can lounge and just chit chat over a few drinks and dishes.  (Japan isn’t always expensive!)

Eboshi Chigasaki: Seafood Izakaya Salad

Seafood izakaya restaurants are by far my favorite, and Eboshi in Chigasaki is one of the best!  I loved this ‘fish paper’ Caesar salad.  I’m trying to recreate this in my kitchen and hope to bring it to you next week as soon as I get my hand on some romaine lettuce (hard to find in Japan!)

Eboshi Chigasaki: Seafood Izakaya Sea SnailsSea snails are a really popular dish with Japanese sake.  If you like escargot or clams, you’ll love these too!

Eboshi Chigasaki: Seafood Izakaya Sea SnailsTrying to navigate these menus is part of the fun!

Eboshi Chigasaki Seafood Izakaya MenusIf you happen to be in Kanagawa, run here as fast as you can!

Panama City Restaurants

Going through all of my Florida photos, I surprisingly have few food photos and tons of outdoor pics.  It’s usually the complete opposite!  Winter is off season in Panama City so it was quiet and laid back.  Restaurants opened at a slow pace and locals ran free.  It was a great way to spot the really good restaurants (lots of locals) and the tourist traps (empty).  DSC_1148

Even though I don’t have many photos, I still have to recommend my favorite spots that stay open in the winter months: Dee’s Hangout (fried catfish, gumbo, crawfish etouffee),  J Michael’s Dockside Bar & Grill (fried oysters), David’s New Orleans Style Sno-Balls (beignets and coffee – just like the ones at Cafe du Monde in New Orleans).


P.S. The next international foodie pen pal exchange is coming up in February!  Contact me at ohmyomiyage@gmail.com by Jan 30th if you’d like to join us!

Chinese Celebrations

You know my craziness about food?  My apple fell right under the tree (with some roots now in Japan as well).  For Christmas, my family always celebrates with a full-on Cantonese dinner of at least 10 courses.  My dad’s favorite job is to plan the night’s menu, and he always takes it very seriously.  He always includes everyone’s favorite foods.  My dad always plans a few surprises, but a few dishes haven’t changed over the years like this dried abalone.

Chinese Dried AbaloneAnd a shrimp fruit salad:Chinese Shrimp Fruit SaladThis year instead of a cold platter, my dad only ordered my and my brother’s favorites – marinated jellyfish and deep fried pork chops.

Jellyfish and Fried Pork ChopsAnd of course, what kind of celebration would it be without peking duck?

DSC_0042Sometimes I just dug into my food without taking photos first, but the rest was just as scrumptious!  ‘Til next year :)

Fat Matt’s Rib Shack

DSC_1035Happy belated new year, folks!  I’ve been away on holiday travel + more, and I can’t wait to update you all on my great finds and projects.  First, I went back home to revisit my roots down south in Atlanta, and boy – the city’s changed.  I’d actually love to live somewhere downtown now, and it’s caught up with so many of the fads that I couldn’t live without when I was in LA.  (I’m sure there’s new fads in LA that I’m just unaware of being in Japan now.)  Despite all of the newness, my brother made sure that Fat Matt’s Rib Shack was my first pit stop – a place that oozes the soul of the south.

DSC_1047DSC_1039 DSC_1042

Does anything say the ‘south’ more than BBQ ribs, mac & cheese, baked beans, and super sweet iced tea?  I think not.  Add in a few extra sides of BBQ sauce with thick white bread to sop it all up.  Yup definitely a southerner.


And if all of that wasn’t enough, Fat Matt’s is famous for their lives blues bands.  They have a pretty impressive resume of bands, and that night was no exception.  My heart felt whole when I heard them sing, “Georgia… Georgia…”