Mt.Fuji :: Fuji-san

Mt.Fuji Aerial View by

Hi all!  How’s winter been treating you?  I’ve been hibernating so I’m ready for spring to arrive!  Unfortunately, the weather doesn’t follow my whims so it’ll be another month of chills before it starts to warm up here in Tokyo.

To get my feet wet with blogging again, I thought I’d post something very Japan: Mt.Fuji!  Or as locals call it, Fuji-san. Besides sightseeing, my favorite thing to do around Mt.Fuji is to eat houtou!  It’s famous because of its symmetrical shape and is still an active volcano.  Some scientists predict that it’ll erupt in 2015.  This photo was taken on my flight from Tokyo to Okinawa (posts coming soon!).

Have you seen or climbed Mt.Fuji?  Do you have any favorite mountains in your area?


18 thoughts on “Mt.Fuji :: Fuji-san

      • I still haven’t seen Mount Fuji despite being here for 5 years!!! This photo has made me want to go. Perhaps plum blossom time is better than cherry blossom season and fewer people?

      • oh really? it’s definitely worth a visit, but make sure to check the weather forecast beforehand. i’ve been once or twice when it’s been covered with clouds, and i wasn’t able to see anything! i haven’t seen the plum blossoms there, but cherry blossoms and autumn foliage was breathtaking :)

      • Yes, I heard Tokyo has gotten so much snow this winter! I hope you managed to stay healthy and not catch a cold. Everything here’s been great, thanks for asking. We’re crossing our fingers that we can make it back to Japan again sometime later this year, here’s to hoping.

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