Koyo: Autumn Leaves in Japan

Koyo Red Autumn Leaves in Nagano, Japan

Koyo Red Autumn Leaves in Nagano, Japan

Just like cherry blossoms in the spring, people take autumn leaves VERY seriously in Japan.  And how could you not?  Leaves change to such a deep but bright burgundy that completely transforms the scenery of Japan into a rich, fall wonderland.  Haha Do I sound a little over dramatic?  Maybe you have to visit to understand.  (You still have time – the leaves will stay until around mid-December, and they’re especially beautiful in Kyoto.)

There’s something about the way the Japanese dive so fully into each little thing (whether it’s soba, pork, lavender fields, or maid cafes) that enhances your perspective on it.  The best way I can explain autumn leaves is through these photos.  Even though this is a small temple near Nagano, the abundance of red is so overwhelming!

How do you enjoy fall?  Do you have beautiful fall leaves where you live?

Koyo Red Autumn Leaves in Nagano, Japan

Koyo Red Autumn Leaves in Nagano, Japan


41 thoughts on “Koyo: Autumn Leaves in Japan

  1. It looks amazing! In HK, we don’t get any red leaves, I guess the weather doesn’t change as rapidly for the leaves to turn red. My dad is one of those people who take red leaves very seriously. He is now in Japan and I am sure he is enjoying the great sceneries now. :)

    • Ooo is your dad just visiting? Or is he living here now? I think that when all of these public spaces are planned in Japan, they very strategically plant trees and shrubs that will have pretty foliage and flowers in the right seasons! I’m sure it can’t all be luck :)

  2. I wish I could see these beautiful red leaves in person (I live in a very tropical area). sigh…I guess I’ll have to see them vicariously through your blog post. lol.

  3. The Autumn colours are so amazing here in Japan. I’m lucky to live in Gifu where we are surrounded by beautiful mountains and have some great places to see them. A few of my favorites are Yoro Falls in Yoro, Oyada Maple Valley in Mino and Gujo Hachiman.

    • Ooo I heard that Gifu is really beautiful! It must be even better around this season. I’ve been wanting to visit – is there a best season to visit?

      • Yeah, I really like Autumn because of the beautiful colours. Winter is cool as well but we do get a lot of snow, which is good if you like skiing and snowboarding. I highly recommend places like Gujo Hachiman and Takayama which are often called “Little Kyoto” and Shirakawago.

      • Oooo Apparently I have been to Gifu then! haha I’m so bad at geography. I visited Takayama and Shirakawago last year. They were absolutely amazing! I’ll have to check out Gujo Hachiman – your recommendations seem to be on point! :)

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  5. Wow, such beautiful pictures! I wish I could have seen more of the changing colors of the leaves when I was in Japan last month but I guess it was a little too early in the season. Must go in November next time.

    • Yeahh I even went to Hakone 2 weeks ago and the leaves hadn’t changed at high altitude yet either. The end of November or early December is usually the best in Tokyo and Kyoto unless you go up north! But who knows these days with all of this whacky weather! :)

  6. All your pictures are so beautiful! And the post below this has made my tummy growl. D: The way you write is lovely ^.^

    (New to WP so feel free to pop over to my blog (Sex & the City esq type dating blog) and check it out/follow. :D Thanks!)

  7. Oh I do not even know which ones are the most beautiful-these red ones ore the warm pink ones. I guess I prefer the spring ones because I associate them with beginnings and hopes et cetera but both sceneries are breathtaking! I wish I had such gorgeous views when I looked out the window, but what can I say, each place has its own magical little details!
    Great photos by the way!

  8. These pictures are soooo pretty … esp the leaves! When I was living in Boston, I would drive up to Maine to view the foliage but now that I live in Cali, there’s not much of a season change which means no leaves changing color :(

    • Thank you! I used to live in California too so I understand what you mean about the lack of seasons! It’s such a change to live somewhere that has distinct 4 seasons, but I long for LA winter when it’s snowing here!

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