Houtou: Pumpkin Udon for the Fall

Houtou Fudou in Yamanashi: Japanese Pumpkin Miso Udon

If you’ve ever been to the Mt.Fuji area, you’ve no doubtfully seen or tried one of the many houtou restaurants!  Houtou is a local specialty in Yamanashi close to the hot tourist spot, Mt.Fuji.  It’s a hearty and nutritious miso and pumpkin-based broth cooked in a large cast iron bowl and filled with chewy udon and vegetables.  Although it’s served year round, it’s my favorite in the colder months when nothing satiates your stomach like a piping hot bowl of noodles!

There are tons of restaurants that sell hotto in the area, but my favorite is Fudou.  Other than a few side dishes, the only thing on the menu at Fudou is houtou.  The portion is quite large so although the Japanese usually order one bowl per person, you can probably share if you have a small appetite.

Houtou Fudou in Yamanashi: Japanese Pumpkin Miso Udon

Houtou Fudou in Yamanashi: Japanese Pumpkin Miso Udon

If you like it, they sell pre-packaged udon at the front that you can bring home along with a whole bunch of other fun omiyages!  My favorite are the blueberry cheesecake and strawberry kitkats.  I’ve never actually tried them, but they catch my eye every time!

Houtou Fudou


9 thoughts on “Houtou: Pumpkin Udon for the Fall

    • Hi E! Definitely! It’s a miso-based soup mixed with a bit of pumpkin. Just make sure to add in the pumpkin slowly. Last time I made it, I put in way too much pumpkin, and it turned out more like a smoothie than soup!

  1. Hello,

    I’m pretty new to your blog but i love your posts! :) I’ll be headed to Tokyo with my bub (7 months old) and family over Christmas and NYE.

    Can you recommend a good beef place that is great for a family celebration for NYE? Thanks so much. (We’re a big group of beef lovers).


    • Hi Sylvia,

      I’m so sorry that I didn’t see your comment until now – it went into my spam box! Did you have fun in Tokyo? Were you able to find a good beef place? If you come for a visit again, please let me know!

      Jen :)

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