Cronuts In Tokyo!

Well that didn’t take that long!  You can now find cronuts in cafes around Tokyo supplied by Banderole.  The craze hasn’t hit the radar of Japanese trend setters yet so don’t expect the long lines that you’d find for pancakes or brunch spots.  I’m not sure if this will become a fad in Japan as even cupcakes haven’t made a big splash.  But we’ll see!  Sometimes these food trends take awhile to catch on here (like pancakes).

If you’re keen to try it, they’re offered here in chocolate, matcha, strawberry, and white chocolate:

Check out their website for shop locations across Japan – mostly surburban locations so far.


7 thoughts on “Cronuts In Tokyo!

    • Hi Imjapan! It seems like the places are a little bit further out of Tokyo in the suburbs so I have yet to come across one too. I haven’t tried a cronut yet! I’m a little bit scared that I’ll like it too much! haha

  1. Wondering how different Japanese cronuts are compared to their American counterparts. I had a malasada in Japan over the summer and it was definitely lighter than the ones I’m used to here in Hawai’i. I feel like snack foods get awesome upgrades once they hit Japan… like the Matcha Kit Kats I adore.

    • Hi Kainoa!

      Aren’t those matcha kit kats awesome? They have so many flavors – I even came across a wasabi one! I’m not sure how good that would be.

      Usually when Western desserts cross the seas to Japan, they become lighter and less sweet. In general, most Japanese aren’t keen on their desserts being too sweet like in the US! They prefer a subtle sweet (which to me sometimes defeats the purpose haha), but they like to focus on the ingredients, quality, and styling of the food.

      I’m so jealous that you’re in Hawaii. I loove love love malasadas, but the ones here just don’t do it for me!

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