Smell Your Phones’ Foodie Photos (Literally!)


As if we don’t get hungry enough looking at our foodie-filled Instagram and Facebook feeds, we can now smell them too.

The Japanese have come up with a little device called Scentee that attaches to your phone’s headphone jack, and using some preinstalled cartridges, it ‘blows’ foodie scents at you.  You can already buy a Scentee with coffee, apples, and cinnamon roll scents (breakfast anyone?), but coming soon is the smell of Japanese beef BBQ.

Want a quick reminder of your Memorial Day holiday? Just blow this in your face.  Your meeting running into  lunch or dinner?  Pick up the pace by making everyone hungry.  But user beware.  If they don’t get the smell quite right, people will just think you had Japanese BBQ ….. last night.  (I know… I had to go there.)

Still interested?  Check out their hilariously depressing video:

First spotted on Fine Dining Lovers


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