Food Balancing Act

Food Balancing Act - Food Delivery in Japan on Bike

Don’t you hate it when your pizza arrives at your house all smooshed to one side?  Those pizza delivery guys can take a lesson from this guy.  I spotted this delivery circus act in Akasaka Mitsuke and had to scramble to take out my camera and do a thorough inspection of his balancing act before the light changed.  What he’s holding is just a flat tray without any handles or grips beneath it!  At stop lights, he balances it on his shoulder (like in this photo), and while he’s riding, he balances the tray on one hand while directing his bike with the other.  And to make it even crazier?  There’s definitely hot soup in those bowls.  He really gives a new meaning to “Look Ma! No hands!”


14 thoughts on “Food Balancing Act

  1. The industrial-looking white wellies must be in case he does spill something but they kind of spoil the look a little don` they? The apron is understandable kinda. Still, amazing : )

    • Hahaha that’s so true!! I also thought something was a bit off with the white wellies. Is he a delivery guy or working at Tsukiji? Haha Maybe it’s both!

  2. Whoaa, holy moly that’s insane !! O__O But very impressive !
    Btw, just started to follow your blog and since I have a great interest in Japan I find it very amusing and interesting ! ^^

    • Isn’t that crazy?? I saw another guy yesterday who was holding boxes of soba on his shoulder, but no soup, which I think just puts it over the top!

      It’s nice to meet you, adversus! :) Please feel free to chip in any things you love about Japan anytime! :)

      • Wow, that IS crazy ! xD and very admirable ! I would love to see that, it such a shame I don’t live in Japan.. It’s a shame that I never even have visited Japan ! But I will soon, I just have to make the money first ><..

        Oh thank you !! Nice to meet you too ! :) I absolutely will, and feel free to check out my blog too, I write mostly about my japan interest. ^^

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