Office Warming Party & VIP Accounts Office Warming Party & VIP Accounts for first 1000 accounts

To celebrate the opening of Fresca, we held an office warming party!  There just aren’t enough office warming parties.  Wouldn’t you love to see some of the great offices out there?  Or to see where your friends work?  I say we spread the word and bring a little more fun into offices all around :)

For all of you who couldn’t join our party, we’re offering VIP accounts to the first 1,000 people who register to the site.  This means 10% off all purchases until the end of the year along with some other fun insider offers.  Usually, you have to spend over a certain threshold to get this status so spaces are filing up pretty fast.  There’s a step-by-step English guide too for those like me! Office Warming Party Campodulce Paleta Iberica Cured Leg of Ham

My favorite food at the party was this full leg of Paleta Iberica from Campodulce.  It’s not often that I host a party in Tokyo with enough people to devour one of these, but the depth of flavor and presentation was just mouthwatering.  Yum.  I wish I had a place to hang one of these at home!  Seeing how small our place is, I would have to craft it into a cured-ham-slash-light-fixture. My next DIY project? lol

Fresca Japan common good hand and dish soap

The office is now properly warmed up!  Whether that makes us more productive, I’ve yet to see :)  Please stop on by and grab your VIP account before they all fill up!


11 thoughts on “Office Warming Party & VIP Accounts

      • How exciting! Congratulations! We’ve been very busy lately so it’s great! Looking forward to a hectic fall. Have you been home at all this summer? We’re in Cali now but just about to go back to Tokyo in 2 weeks :)

      • Thank you!! I’m happy to hear that yours is going well too! It seems like specialty tights have been spreading quickly. I’ll definitely have to grab a pair when I’m back home next month. Ooo You’re back in SoCal? Lucky girl! I hope you miss all of this insanely hot weather in Tokyo :)

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