Warayakiya: Bonito & Chicken


Always busy and inviting with its outdoor patio, Warayakiya features food from Kouchi Prefecture – specifically charcoal-grilled bonito and chicken hot pot.  It’s always full of people who appreciate the quality of the food and the great atmosphere!  There are many locations all around Tokyo.





8 thoughts on “Warayakiya: Bonito & Chicken

  1. Funny … I just thought of heading here on my last minute Tokyo trip this week! I’ll have my toddler in tow, though. Did you notice any other kids at the branch you went to? Am wondering if it might be ok to bring her if we go early, like right when it opens.

    • Hi Mandy! How exciting :) I haven’t seen too many kids at this restaurant, but it’s pretty spacious compared with other places so I think you shouldn’t have a problem especially if you go early. If you’re going on a Friday or Saturday, it should be better to make reservations especially for big groups. I usually see the restaurant most busy around 8pm on weekends. Let me know if you have any other questions about your trip!

      • Thanks! We’re only in town Tues-Thurs so I figure going early on a weeknight shouldn’t be too bad. Thanks for the help – going to Tokyo is like going home for us, since we lived in the city for a year a few years ago. The only thing I struggle with every time is where to eat … too many good options!

      • Ooo you’re Uncovering Japan! Haha I didn’t recognize your name :) I always read your blog! Definitely – it’s so difficult to narrow down the choices of where to eat.. especially for just a 3-day trip! I hope you enjoy Warayakiya! Make sure to try their bonito, and if you have room for it, their chicken hot pot course is also their house specialty :)

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