Help for Foreigners Living in Tokyo

Tokyo can sometimes be a difficult place for foreigners to navigate – especially if you don’t speak the language.  I came across this helpful call line offered by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government for foreigners living in (or just moved to) Japan.  They offer advice and phone consultations in English, Chinese, and Korean about daily life, adjusting to the culture or customs of Japan, resources for children and family, if you get into a traffic accident, and anything else you could think of!  I would be completely lost in Tokyo if it weren’t for my husband, but now I can probably take some pressure off of him with this call line!

Check out their website for specific time and phone information:

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4 thoughts on “Help for Foreigners Living in Tokyo

  1. I’m in love with this photo. Was it some sort of festival/holiday in Japan? Or do some people wear kimono all the time? When is a kimono usually used (tea ceremonies? I’ve been to one of those and would go again if in Japan)?

    • Thanks Priscilla! I got this photo via Flickr so I’m not sure when this photo was taken exactly. Women usually wear kimono for special occasions like a festival, holiday, wedding, etc. It’s pretty difficult to put on a kimono. Many Japanese women take seminars to learn how to put it on because there are many layers, ways to tie the different elements, and rules about when to wear different colors, etc. It usually requires at least one other person to help you put it on so people usually don’t wear it everyday, but there are many women who will wear kimono for more everyday situations. It’s not rare to see women in kimonos in train stations and walking around in everyday life in Japan! It’s quite nice :) If you come visit Japan, you should try wearing a kimono!

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