Hot Hot Hot Pancakes!

Pancakes are Hot in Tokyo by oh my omiyage Pancakes are hot hot hot right in Tokyo!  Here, they’re called ‘hot cakes.’  A couple brunch-type restaurants have popped up recently that specialize in pancakes, and they can usually be found by the crazy long line out front.  When I say crazy, I mean 4-hour long wait crazy. In the rain in 90 degrees weather plus 80% humidity crazy.  Although a few creative ideas have come out of the craze (like a cook-it-yourself restaurant similar to okonomiyaki), they’re usually just the same pancakes we get back home.  If you want to see what the craze is all about (or just gawk at the queues), there are a few places to check out: Eggs N Things in Harajuku, Original Pancake House in Kichijoji, Slappy Cakes in Shinjuku.  Find a more complete list here.


3 thoughts on “Hot Hot Hot Pancakes!

    • Hahahaha hot cakie! lol I heard that the ones at McD’s are injected with a very well researched syrup that tastes really good and sweet but is meant to make you hungry very soon after eating it! Dang Daniel and his ability to eat everything!

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