Peaches with Burrata

It’s high peach season, and I can feel my Georgian blood flowing!  Peaches in Japan are cradled like babies – delicately padded and wrapped.  They’re always served peeled, and everyone can somehow peel peaches without dinging the peach at all.  It’s impressive.  Even if you’re not great at peeling peaches, I love serving them grilled with a side of burrata.  We served it like this last weekend, and the whole bowl disappeared!

[image via]


9 thoughts on “Peaches with Burrata

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  2. Beautiful image. I`ve never eaten mozzarella in that form before. Must try it sometime. It looks delicious and acts as a nice colour contrast to the very inviting and lively looking peach segments.

  3. We just went to new gastropub and had burrata and peaches too! They did add prosciutto tho, soo amazing!

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