Izakaya in the Streets of Summer

Asakusa Summer Restaurants

On nights and weekends during the summer, many small izakaya shops open up their “patios” and turn the street into a small street festival!  This is the one that we ran into in Asakusa, but there are many others around the city.  It’s great for people watching and enjoying cool summer nights!  Some require that you drink (or at least order) an alcoholic beverage.  Most people go for many, many glasses of beer!



8 thoughts on “Izakaya in the Streets of Summer

  1. Sounds great nothing like a cold beer at the end of a hot day in Tokyo!! I was in Asakusa once during a visit to Tokyo but only during the day. I must go in the evening next time.

    • I love Asakusa! It’s one of my favorite places to stroll in Tokyo. There’s so much culture and little snacks :) A winning combination in my book!

      • Couldn`t agree more – being a culture vulture does make you hungry : )

    • Me too! The one thing that I can’t understand is why some of the beer gardens advertise it as “Oktoberfest” even though it’s in the middle of summer! lol

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