Wasabi Really Is Green!

Japanese aged beef with freshly grated natural wasabi by oh my omiyage

Shock alert!  Natural wasabi is really as green as in the tube!  I always thought it was fake or at least enhanced by a lot of food coloring, but it isn’t.. at least not the natural ones :)  It’s quite indulgent using Japanese aged beef as a canapé for my wasabi, but it was mm mmm good!

Freshly grated natural wasabi by oh my omiyage

I first discovered non-tube wasabi on my first trip to Japan.  It’s a plant root that looks kind of like a short, green, scaly carrot.  You grate the root traditionally on a grater made of shark skin, but very fine graters work just as well.  I’ve grated some wasabi roots before, and they’ve come out whitish.  This time, I tried a really nice wasabi with the right grater, and it was exactly the same color as the tube kind!  The flavor is subtle and delicate with just a hint of bite.

Freshly grated natural wasabi by oh my omiyage

Go Japanese and give wasabi a try as a side for your steak.  It’s so scrumptious!


11 thoughts on “Wasabi Really Is Green!

    • hahaha i completely forgot about that pun until a few years ago when i was in cleveland and a couple of friends reminded me. lol the only thing wasa-bi is food! you?

  1. yum! (when I was about 5, I went out to sushi place with my family, and the little lump of wasabi was on the side of the plate.. as it usually is, and I just picked it up and stuck it in my mouth before my mom could say, “don’t….” ..but it was too late. I was a little unhappy, to say the least…)

    • Hahaha I guess to kids, green stuff looks appetizing! I can imagine you weren’t a very happy camper after that! I had the opposite experience. My parents had to push me to try it, and when I did, I tried a minuscule amount on my sushi roll. Haha How times have changed since then!

    • Mmm that sounds so good! I love Japanese mayo too – it’s so much better than the ones we have in the States! Do you have any suggestions of what to use your mayo/wasabi combo with?

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