What Your Donut Says About You

I’m loving this infographic at Fine Dining Lovers.  I’m not usually one for astrology, but what my food says about me?  Sure why not!  After all, we are what we eat.  And apparently, my love of jelly donuts means I’m a big softie.  Too many donuts, and that will definitely be right.  What’s your donut of choice?


8 thoughts on “What Your Donut Says About You

  1. Its dark over here.. 21:30 hrs, almost … and there is NO way that i could get my hands on a Blueberry muffin right now..
    this post has left my taste buds carving for that perfect blueberry donut..
    Yum… yum…

  2. Chocolate eclairs are my all time favourite and sure enough I`m always dreaming of foreign lands – especially going to Japan again. What a coincidence : )

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