Stylish Rainy Day Footwear (Not Boots!)

It’s rainy, it’s pouring!  The old man is snoring…

Rainy Day Footwear - Not Boots by oh my omiyage

We’re officially in rainy season in Tokyo.  I struggle with the same dilemma every year to stay dry and comfortable in the muggy, warm, rainy weather while also trying to be fashionable.  Many a shoes haven’t survived the rain here, and I’ve ruined more than my fair share (including my favorite pair of Louboutin pumps).

*bows head* Let’s take a moment to remember the ones we’ve lost….

As great as rain boots are, that style doesn’t always cut it in Tokyo (I used to work in a place that didn’t allow you to wear boots at ALL!  Even if it was snowing!).  I also don’t like the idea of wearing flip flops or sandals and getting the city’s mud and crud all over my feet.  Plus that squishy noise?  I’m goofy enough as is.

So here are some answers to my search thus far.  What are your go-to rain shoes?

1. Melissa + Pedro Lourenco Ombre Flats  2. Fisherman Rain T-Straps 3. Can’t find these anymore :(

4. F-Troupe Breezy Rain Oxfords  5. Kartell’s Glue Cinderella Ballerine


10 thoughts on “Stylish Rainy Day Footwear (Not Boots!)

  1. crocs.

    or don’t go outside. never go outside. order food from …the internet.
    (can you hear my sarcasm? lol. I do have crocs though!)

    • LOL!!! I do order food from the internet though! Haha I can probably manage with some wet shoes now. But when the sun starts to shine full blast in a few weeks, I’m really going to want to stay in until autumn!

    • Haha I agree! A lot of people in Asia will wear things like flip flops because it’s just too hot to cover your feet, but I don’t think I could handle my feet being so dirty all the time!

  2. I never thought much about rain shoes or boots until my trip to New York two weeks ago. There were some seriously rainy days, and I was so envious of other women with their boots! My patent leather ballerina flats were squishy, the next day I wore sandals because at least the water would go back out. But yes! All that dirty street water was nasty :-( I wished I’d brought my new cute black garden clogs, they don’t look like garden shoes at all!

  3. Hi there, Lovely blog you have here. I love the white and yellow shoes. So pretty (and far better than crocs any day). Apart from your shoe post, I`ve enjoyed looking at your donutology chart and your pictures of delicious Japanese food. Nice one : )

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