Have You Joined the Cronut Craze?


Cronuts cronuts cronuts!!

All of my social media apps have been filled with snapshots of these treats and the long lines waiting for them.  If I weren’t in Tokyo, where queues around the corner (for the latest fads like pancakes, granola, or the latest ramen shop) are more common than white rice , I would be shocked at the fervor of the craze in the States.  If you’re like me and haven’t heard about cronuts, they’re a croissant-like puff pastry cut into the shape of a donut, deep fried, covered with granulated sugar, injected with cream, and then decorated with icing and sprinkles.  Seriously – how can that NOT be good?

Cronut Crosscut

cronut craze

If you sense any disdain in my tone, it’s only because we don’t have it here!

Have you joined the cronut craze?  Is it really as good as it sounds?

[Photo credit: Jezebel, Serious EatsPopSugar]


12 thoughts on “Have You Joined the Cronut Craze?

  1. Im torn between trying them or protecting my heart, lol. I mean puff pastry is a serious business already. And now deep fried too? And all those coating! Oh boy..

    • No kidding! I thought they looked yummy, but then when I was writing out the description and kept having to add comas, I got a little bit scared! haha

  2. I was just trying to find out what Cronut are… then i saw your post!
    They look really delicious but am pretty sure one bite of that and i’ll want to diet for a month or so.
    i still would like to taste though

    • Me too! I kept wondering what the ‘c’ meant in the cronut. My guesses were pretty off. haha Ditto that about the diet. Probably a juice cleanse too!

  3. By the time it reaches Newfoundland which is 2 hrs flight time away from NY, it’ll be 2018. You will probably eat them and blog about them before I do! They look absolutely delicious. I wish someone came up with a fool proof home recipe.

    • Hahaha I feel the same way about Tokyo! Even though it’s such a big city, these fads take such a long time to hit here (or never at all!). I was thinking the same thing about a recipe! I’m sure someone will be coming up with it soon :)

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