Ramen: It Just Got Better.

As much as I love and eat ramen, I rarely write about it here.  And never two posts in a row.  But I had an experience yesterday that I just.. have.. to.. share.  It was THAT good.

Nishiazabu Gogyo Ramen in Tokyo by oh my omiyage

I’ve heard about Gogyo’s ramen for awhile, and the two times I stopped by mid day, the shop was closed.  Yesterday, the fates and shop owners were on my side, and I arrived to a restaurant full of people.  We got the last table before a line formed. YES!

Gogyo is famous for its black broths made from “burnt” miso or soy sauce.  You’ll often see flames ablaze in the kitchen, and this gives the broth a savory charcoal flavor like really great BBQ.  This very dynamic broth is covered with a small layer of oil that seals in the heat, leaving the broth dangerously hot until your very last slurp.  Don’t burn your tongue like I did.



If you have time to look around before your ramen arrives, you’ll notice that this shop doesn’t look like a typical ramen shop inside.  It’s more like a cabin from the 50s, complete with the mix of throw-back chairs and wood panel walls.  At night, it turns into an izakaya with a full bar and other small dishes.  I would love to come back here and pretend like I’m a Japanese Mad Man.

If you’re planning to visit Tokyo, go to Gogyo.  It’s different from any other ramen, and it’s so delicious that your taste buds will thank you for it.  Unless the broth burns them.

DSC00730 DSC00736

Nishiazabu Gogyo (& other locations)
1-4-36 Nishi-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
+81-(03) 5775-5566

*The Ginza location has closed down*

15 thoughts on “Ramen: It Just Got Better.

    • Ooo LA has some really good ramen spots! When I used to live there a few years ago, there was only Daikokuya downtown, but I heard from my friends that it’s blowing up there – especially on the Westside on Sawtelle!

  1. Thank you for your ramen posts! I go nutty over ramen and it is so difficult to get something decent outside Japan….

    Taking down all this info & visiting them my next trip :)

    • Hey JC! I’m so spoiled by all the good ramen here, but a lot of the chains have been moving abroad too. I heard some of them are almost the same as getting it here in Japan!

  2. Thankful that I saw your post. I love the ambiance of the Ramen house and if time permits, I’d love to dine in Gogyo this June. Problem is we’re only in Tokyo for 2 days and most of our itinerary includes the famous tourist spots.

    • Hi Jean! Ooo Gogyo has a couple of locations that might be more convenient for you. They’re also in Ginza, Yoyogi-Uehara, and Kyoto. Let me know if you need any help planning or have any questions about your trip. I’m happy to help if I can!

  3. It is so funny that you posted this, because I just went back here last week after about 2 years, and I had forgotten how amazing this ramen is. ps, it is even *better* at 3 am. :)

    • Hahaha Ramen is always the best either at 3am or during a hangover, huh? :) Your pics are always of the yummiest places. I’m still dreaming of Takano since I saw your instagram!

  4. Your description of the ramen if making my mouth watering. Hopefully one of these days I get a chance to visit Japan and try this ramen restaurant.

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