Yanaka Ginza: A Time Warp

Kimono Sandals at Yanaka Ginza by oh my omiyage

Tokyo usually feels very modern with its bullet trains, loads of sky scrapers, and international food, but once in awhile, you’ll step into a time warp that takes you back to a time when the streets were filled with kimonos.  Yanaka District is one of those places.  Not far from busy Ueno, Yanaka is mostly a residential district now, but it’s filled with little traditional shops, old tea houses, vendors, and alleyways.

Yanaka Ginza by oh my omiyage

Yanaka Ginza is one of my favorite places to walk when I’m in the area!  It’s the perfect place for an afternoon stroll, dinner, shopping, and snacking.  We stopped by for some fresh squeezed orange juice that was so naturally sweet.

Fresh Squeeze Orange Juice at Yanaka Ginza by oh my omiyage

I couldn’t help myself from taking a photo of this hilariously cute tunic:

Bunny Jumper Tunic at Yanaka Ginza by oh my omiyage

And this yakitori stand was bustling with neighbors picking up a snack or dinner.


Next time, I’ll have to check out the other part of Yanaka that I hear are just as nice!


7 thoughts on “Yanaka Ginza: A Time Warp

    • It’s kind of off the beaten path! I came across it b/c of a teeny blurb in my tour guide, but it turns out to be a spot that even locals like to visit! We’ll go next time you’re in town :)

  1. Your posts make me want to visit even more!! Japan was option 1 for our honeymoon, but sadly we can’t make the trip this year :(
    BUT we started saving up maybe next year we’ll do it!
    I really can’t wait…

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