Strawberry Picking @ Washington Farms

Strawberry Picking at Washington Farms Georgia by oh my omiyage

My mom doesn’t like fruit, but when I was in her womb, her doctor prescribed her to eat more fruit.  She loaded up on mangos and strawberries, which were amazingly nice and cheap that year, and then her doctor chastised her for choosing too much sugary fruit!  I think this is the reason I LOVE fruit (and sugar!).  I could eat fruit everyday, all day with the occasional potato chip.  Fruit gets pretty expensive in Tokyo so I always fill my quotas whenever I go home.

Strawberry Picking at Washington Farms by oh my omiyage

My brother has been vying to take me strawberry picking for a few years, and I finally visited during the right season.  It was a bit overcast, but after Mother’s Day lunch, we drove to Washington Farms in North Georgia.  Strawberries were in the air!

Strawberry Picking at Washington Farms by oh my omiyage

Even with its close proximity to the suburbs of Georgia, there were probably 100 rows of bushes with strawberries hidden in every crevice.

Strawberry Picking at Washington Farms by oh my omiyage

My parents went back this past weekend to pick some more, but the fields have been almost picked through.  There were only baby strawberries left so to my dad’s disappointment, they left empty handed.  He loves fruit as much as I do!


Washington Farms is such a fun, friendly place with tons of other farm-related activities like a corn maze, duck races, a petting zoo, a CORN CANNON, and something I really want to try – a pig race!


14 thoughts on “Strawberry Picking @ Washington Farms

    • Ooo! Where are you located that yours come in so late? Do you grow your own (& do you live close to me so I can steal some from you… :P) or do you pick at a local farm?

  1. Those strawberries look almost too perfect to be real! Wow, do they ever look luscious… Even the U-pick berries around here never seem quite that gorgeous. I still can’t wait until they’re in season though!

    • I know, right! Even I was shocked b/c of all of the rain they’ve been having. We were so happy running through the fields looking for the biggest and juiciest looking ones :) I hope yours will be even better!

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