Hello Again!

~ It’s beginning to look a lot like summer ~

This is my favorite season in Tokyo (and the perfect time to visit!) – the short few weeks with sunny, mildly humid days and warm nights before it gets scorching hot.  I’m so happy to come home from my vacay to this perfect weather after some odd weather in the States.  I’m ready to report back after my month of traveling back home for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and just plain ol’ fun!  In the meantime, I’ve also changed the theme of my blog.  What’d ya think?


14 thoughts on “Hello Again!

      • Hi! Oh thank you! We’re in stores in Sweden but also sell online :) We just launched the brand pretty much so anything is possible from here.

      • Oh wow! Congrats – that’s a feat already :) No wonder you’ve been MIA lately – you’ve been in full business-woman mode! The leggings look so cute and fashionable. Love the video too! Can’t wait to hear great things from your new venture.

    • Seriously! I usually read your blog on my reader, but I went to your site the other day, and my first thought was, “oh no.. did I copy her??” I really hope I didn’t consciously or unconsciously! Or maybe you’re right.. great minds :)

      • Don’t worry about it. It really is a nice theme. For a second, I thought my eyes are playing tricks. This nice theme is for free? Lol.. And it does look good and very apt for your uber creative blog.

      • Me too! I was so surprised that it was free and also that I hadn’t spotted it earlier. Thanks so much :) Ditto – your blog looks great with this theme too!

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