Udon: It’s All About the Broth

Spring Summer Autumn Winter 春夏秋冬 Udon Soy Sauce Restaurant

My friends sometimes ask me if I eat sushi every day since I live in Japan.  I would love to eat sushi all the time, but my pockets aren’t that deep, and I crave hot, cooked food once in awhile!  One thing that people eat very often in Japan is noodles.  They’re usually affordable, accessible, and really tasty!

Spring Summer Autumn Winter 春夏秋冬 Udon Soy Sauce Restaurant

One dish that I’ve come to really love is udon.  It’s a great example of how the Japanese can take something so simple and draw out so much flavor and texture from it!  In Kawagoe, we stopped by a udon restaurant called Spring Summer Autumn Winter 春夏秋冬.  This restaurant is a branch off from it’s main business: soy sauce.  They’ve specialized in soy sauce since 1789 and use it to make a very flavorful udon soup base.  It’s one of those peaceful restaurants where time stands still so that you can leisurely enjoy your udon and then enjoy tea for the rest of the afternoon.  If you like the broth, the restaurant is attached to their soy sauce store where you can taste and buy more types of soy sauce than I’ve ever seen.


If you’re venturing to Tokyo, I also highly suggest my favorite udon restaurant – Tsurotongtang from Osaka.

Spring Summer Autumn Winter 春夏秋冬
10-5 Saiwaicho, Kawagoe, Saitama Prefecture 350-0063, Japan
+81 49-225-6701


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6 thoughts on “Udon: It’s All About the Broth

  1. My friend who lives in Tokyo said the same thing. He thought he would eat sushi all the time, until he realized how expensive it is. And soon after he discovers there is an ocean of Japanese food beyond sushi. And to see Japanese men slurping a bowl of noodles is like watching an art documentary. Fascinating.

    • Hahaha that’s so right! And I’m always amazed at how quickly they can slurp up a huge bowl of noodles! Some of them are in and out in 10 minutes! Great for business haha

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